U.S.: Pakistan Has ‘Questions’ To Answer About Bin Laden

This is interesting. A Stratfor SITREP


May 2, 2011
Pakistan’s army and intelligence service have many questions to answer after the death of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin said May 2 at a news conference, Reuters reported. Levin said there are lots of questions about bin Laden’s location, the length of time he had been there, the “apparent fact” that the compound was built for the al Qaeda leader and the facility’s proximity to the Pakistani army’s central location.

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3 Replies to “U.S.: Pakistan Has ‘Questions’ To Answer About Bin Laden”

  1. Richard I am not a fuzzy faced muzzie or a fuzzie brained one either but I am a person who knows it will be business as usual with the pakis. The pakis, saudis, and pallistinians can do no wrong as far as this administration is concerned. With Obama at the wheel it is just more of his “”concern” and that is that.

  2. You are right on that one, but the previous administration would probably have been fighting them and the current one would have inherited the war. Way too many people in the Paki government, military and intelligence support the terrorists for us to have been doing anything else, the nuclear weapons are the game changer and we may live to regret not taking them out early in the century.

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