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3 Replies to “New foundation for Freedom of Speech set up by Kurt Westergaard”

  1. The most important rights are those of free speech, freedom to freely worship the way you want and the most important because it protects the others, the right of the ordinary people to be armed. The US is fighting to hold on to those and the Brits and Europeans are facing a harder fight since they gave up the last right a long time ago.

  2. Very true. It is a shame that most of even my conservative Canadian friends who agree with me on all things political, disagree with the right of the public to bear arms. It never ceases to amaze me as I consider it a self evident truth, to borrow a phrase from a brilliant philanthropist.

  3. The late great SF author H. Beam Piper said that an unarmed populace is nothing but a bunch of slaves waiting for the chains to be slapped on, the late great Robert A. Heinlein said that an armed man is a free man. They were simply following in the footsteps of many great men and philosophers who said that free men should be armed. Hell Machiavelli said that only tyrants and oligarchs fear an armed populace.

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