Royal Wedding. Meanwhile, in another part of town..

This appears to be how it started:

According to Lawman:

Notice the ‘Antifas’ turning over
a bottle bin to get missiles.

A bit more here:

if you look
at the longer version of this video below, many antifas haven’t managed to hide
their nicely-brought-up accents, still showing through what they think of as
the language of the street:

This was a follow up riot to another one a week ago:

The ostensible reason why they’re smashing up their neighbourhood? Tesco (UK
Walmart) have opened a mini-store in it.

More Discontinuity on its way.

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3 Replies to “Royal Wedding. Meanwhile, in another part of town..”

  1. Here in England we have a word for spoilt kids like this, trustafarian. They play at being radicals until their Mummy and Daddys money runs out. They are despised by all working class kids their age who have to work for a living to pay their bills.

  2. Ah …communists are the same cowards over there as they are here in Sweden. 🙂 These people you never see demonstrating in Syria or other non-free countries, coz it might mean they got hurt.

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