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4 Replies to “Finland shows the same tolerance of alternate opinions as the US now does.”

  1. All over the free world there is one thing that isn’t free: criticism of Islam and its doctrines of hate and world conquest.

    Like the people who can’t see the wood for the trees, the majority of MSM and western governments can’t see that Islam has no place in the free world.

    Islam is the problem: Muslims are not merely part of it, but all of it.

    Get over it, people. Muslims are not like the rest of the world’s population and never will be so long as they are enslaved to Dark Ages thinking.

  2. Oh. defrocked, eh? The ole church has NOTHING going for it, in the first place. The christian church has failed Humanity in every way. A more disgusting, filthy, pedophilic, sick organization does not exist, this side of islam.

    I wager that’s NOT the only reasaon this man has been kicked out of such a “club”- it’s probably because he also has stood up against other filthy rules /customs of the christian clerics.

    It’s all for the best. Nows the man can get on with his life in honor, ethics, morality and impeccability.

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