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3 Replies to “Summary of morning session on Pastor Jones peace bond hearing”

  1. So the pastor has to apply for a peace bond because he is exercising his right to free speech while the Muslim community that riots, vandalizes and flies planes into buildings (among other things) is given free reign to do whatever it wants.

    Sounds like the elimination of free speech to me.

    They would be better off having a peace bond hearing on the real culprits: Muslims. But since the CiC is more than likely one himself, they dare not touch them out of fear of more 9/11s.

    Cowards, the lot of them!

    Didn’t Benjamin Franklin once say: “Those who would trade their freedom for security deserves neither”?

  2. No matter what you think of Reverend Jones he is doing nothing wrong and the city is, they are trying to stop speech that they don’t like, this is a clear violation of the First Amendment.

    This trial illustrates what I have been saying for a long time, if you manage to change one of the Amendments in the Bill of Rights by public opinion you have destroyed the entire Bill of Rights. In the North East, especially in the big cities the Second Amendment is under massive attack. Now these same people are feeling secure enough to start attacking the First Amendment.

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