Fake humanitarians despondent.

Like the Tundra Taloids has been telling its readers for a very long time now, there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and all who are involved in trying to break the legal anti-weapons blockade of Gaza, are in essence backing the genocidal terrorist organization, Hamas, in its quest to murder Jews. KGS

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But Redmatn did go on to criticize Israel for maintaining a partial embargo on certain goods, such as cement, which can and has been used by terrorist forces to build bunkers.

“Israel has the legitimate right to protect the civilian population, [but] this right should be balanced with the right of 1.5 million people living in the Gaza Strip,” said Redmatn. “…difficulties in importing building materials [has] hampered sustainable economic recovery and dashed any hope of leading a normal and dignified life.”

Israelis would argue that a territory that elects terrorists as its leaders and then facilitates the launching of thousands of missiles at a neighboring territory has forfeited the right to a “normal and dignified life.”

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  1. “…hampered sustainable economic recovery and dashed any hope of leading a normal and dignified life.”

    While the sole given purpose for these people to remain on refugee status is to “sustain” them there until Israel is destroyed. If that is what the Red Cross calls normal and dignified then they themselves have become totally irrelevant. This is how they operate too by making a truthful statement only to nullify it with a lie. There’s nothing “sustainable” about that at all.

  2. Hey Roopods6, you have hit the nail squarely on the head.

    The Sunni leaders of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt (not that they really have a government since a few months ago), Turkey and Saudi Arabia have been brainwashing these “refugees” for decades into believing many different lies.

    And yes, once the PA becomes more volatile, these Muslim governments will probably launch strikes against Israel, using the terrorist-minded citizens of the PA as cannon fodder and a first wave.

    Should they ever succeed in eliminating Israel from the map (and I hope they never will), the road will be clear for a full-scale invasion of Europe through the south, just as Muslims have been trying for centuries.

    The only difference now is that there are millions of fifth column units posted throughout Europe ready to commit acts of violence to deflect the governments from sending in troops right away.

    Since there is no crisis according to the agency most likely to know, lets see the libtards try and weasel out of this one.

  3. The article regarding Red Cross: there is no a humanitarian crisis and Mathilde Redmatn Red Cross Official is a false report. I called the ICRC Headquarters and they could not find a Mathilde Redmatn in their directory and said there is no such title as “Deputy Director of Gaza”.”

    I reported this to other leading organizations associated with the Red Cross to request they send out an accurate statement in response to this article circulating by an IDF spokesperson.

    ICRC contact listed here.
    Below are updates from the International Committee of the Red Cross Website regarding Gaza’s current condition.
    The ICRC in Israel and the occupied territories
    Gazans struggle for access to clean water,%20Middle%20East
    Health care in Gaza reaches all-time low
    6-15-2010 Photo gallery

  4. RR the Moslem Brotherhood is going to get enough of a Caliphate reformed to hit Israel some time this summer or next summer, and with Obama in the White House to prevent us from resupplying them with small arms and artillery ammo Israel is in trouble. I personally expect to see massive uprisings among the Moslems in Europe and possibly the US when the attacks on Israel begin.

    I may be wrong but that is what my reading of history leads me to expect, the Arabs know they can’t take Israel with the US resupplying them, and they know that unless there is massive disruption in Europe they don’t have a prayer of military conquest. Add these facts to the way National Defense Leagues are forming in Europe to fight against the Silent Jihad or Stealth Jihad which ever name you want to put on it and you get an attack on Israel before Obama is out of office.

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