Canadian HRC’s deliver another stunning and unhygenic blow against human rights.

Some of you who follow the Canadian Human Rights shakedowns may remember the McDonalds employee who sued McDonalds because they told her she had to wash her hands before she handled food and that bothered her, so she sued through the HRC and … won.

Also, a plastic surgeon was sued by a man because the doctor refused to operate on him to give him nicer looking vagina lips. The doctor explained he was not trained to work on that kind of equipment and only worked on women. Again, successfully sued by this man for discrimination. Now, a business owner was sued for over $150,000.00 because he told 15 Chinese employees that they had to learn Canadian standards of hygiene in terms of how they kept the bathroom etc.

I have a suggestion for the next action by the HRC’s. In fact Im surprised they haven’t taken this one on already:

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