Thinking of visiting France? I suggest Lyon, May 14th

As Vlad hinted at some months ago when we subtitled some French videos hinting at  this event, it appears as if it will happen at last.

Below, a machine translation of the French website, March of the Pigs, with the details but in a pork rind, many people in France, fed up with halal, to the point where they have purchased baby pigs and plan to march down the streets where Muslims illegally pray in the streets shutting down shops and preventing people from entering or leaving their own homes. If you are planning a vacation to France, I would consider May 14th and head to Lyon. Your youtube hits alone should make it worth it for the video you will take.

. H/T Tundra Tabloids

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3 Replies to “Thinking of visiting France? I suggest Lyon, May 14th”

  1. The French are fighting back, I hope the police are on their side and will protect them from the violent Moslem reaction.

  2. Marching pigs is only going so far. It should be “all the way”.

    It should be a march to rid France of the Muslim invaders, just as the Crusaders once did for Jerusalem in 1099.

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