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  1. A very clever old man!

    Yet I´m not sure he is right about the Quran not commanding women to cover themselves/their hair. In fact I´m sure he is wrong. (Yes, I am too lazy to look it up…)

    Egypt is hellbound no matter what. (Tunisia, Libya, and the rest too!)

  2. Pope Urban.. Here is what it says. I am reading from a third edition Koran printed in 1938 first printed in 1934.

    And say to the believing woman
    That they should lower
    Their gaze and guard
    Their modesty; that they
    Should not display their
    Beauty and ornaments except
    What [must ordinarily] appear
    Thereof; that they should
    Draw their veils over
    Their bosoms and not display
    Their beauty except
    To their husbands, their fathers,
    Their husbands’ fathers, their sons,
    Their husbands’ sons,
    Their brothers or their brothers sons,
    Or their sisters sons,
    Or their women, or their slaves
    Whom the right hands
    Possess, or male servants
    Free from physical needs,
    Or small children who
    Have no sense of the shame
    Of sex; and that they
    Should not strike their feet
    In order to draw attention
    To their hidden ornaments.
    And O ye Believers !
    Turn ye all together
    Towards God, that ye
    May attain bliss.

    So unless it was always considered “ordinary” for the face of women to be hidden this passage talks about covering the bosom, thighs and legs. And also against flaunting ones wealth.

  3. Thanks so much for posting this snippet. I have been quoting what is said in this scene since I saw the whole video on Kitmantv and am glad to have that one snippet which I quote so often now be easily available on youtube.

    Another relevent clip would be the entire interview with this man. In another clip they discuss how the MB got women to wear it and that the Muslim Brohterhood wanted women to wear the hijab and burka because being shrouded would effectively remove them from society.

  4. jjk999 The link for the entire interview is just above the one for kitmans blog. Thanks for putting us on to this little gem.

  5. Does “they should not display their beauty” not mean covering their hair?

    And “draw their veils”, does this veil not begin on the head and then fall downwards over the breasts and so on?

    It seems to me that the sura actually could mean something even more radical than what most poor muslima´s already have to suffer, something more like the chador or burka!?

    The sharia is in many ways the same as the zoroastrian lawcodes before it, and the iranians used to fully cover their women. Of course zoroastrians had no concept of jihad (killing and being killed for the faith) as the muslims do, but the influence of their legal thinking is a strong current throughout the Quran!

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