On April 9th, Fred Litwin’s Ottawa based ‘Free Thinking Film Society’ put on another interesting and counter-to-the-narrative documentary, this time on DDT and how the banning of it has caused the unnecessary deaths of millions upon millions of Africans each year. The conclusion of this film offers an explanation as to why DDT was banned that is stunning, although no surprise perhaps to those of us who have figured out the real motives of the new left, stunning all the same to see it said out loud.

After the film, Fred arranged for a Q&A with the film maker himself over skype. Below, is an edited version of that session (some questions were removed to keep me under the 15 minute youtube limit) and below that, the trailer for the film, ‘Three Billion and Counting’.

Try and see the film if you can. I may arrange to try and show it here via Vlad Tepes somehow if I can come to an arrangement with the maker.


Trailer for 3 Billion and Counting

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  1. I won’t bother with this one.

    Back in the day, DDT was found to be responsible for weakening the egg shells of birds, among other effects it had on the ecosystem. So it was banned in North America. But it continued to be produced for overseas markets for decades after that, but was still banned in North America and most western countries.

    This is more irrational, anti-corporate anti-government propaganda that makes no sense when viewed in context.

  2. The egg shell studies, as well as the rest of the anti-DDT studies look as though they may have been faked. The movie has to be seen.

  3. RRWest I have heard about this before, a lot of evidence is coming out that the eggshell study was faked to find out why type deep ecology into a good search engine and get up on the websites it locates, their message will surprise you.

  4. Not exactly faked. The first study gave the birds about 1/3 as much calcium in the diet with the DDT as they need to make shells. Obviously the shells were thin. Then it was pointed out what he had done and the man who did the study was told to redo it with enough calcium.

    The study was redone and the shells were 100% normal despite DDT being added to the diet of the birds along with the calcium. The proper study was buried except in an agricultural magazine which was read by a % of the farming population. The flawed study was used for the EPA report.

  5. This is science based on Margaret Sanger. This satanic woman wanted to kill off Black people and all people who did not meet her standards. Her ilk did not or do not believe that poor or working class people can be smart and innovative. The lefties are always bragging about their love for the downtrodden, but I bet if you checked the politics of the junk scientists you would find they are all lefties and racists.

  6. Growing up, I always wondered why those ‘Citizens of the World’ behind the United Nations would do nothing while millions of people were dying. Now I know of their ‘selective’ depopulation schemes and goal of under a billion world population. This is what they call their ‘New World Order’ and their evil Agenda 21, agenda for the 21st Century. Their new order is the same as all of the many other old orders we’ve seen before. Despicably evil, as per the usual. There really is nothing new under the sun.

  7. Thank you Eeyore I knew that a lot of evidence has come out saying DDT wasn’t as bad as we had been told and that a lot of the studies were not correct, I forgot that we don’t want to assume things and assumed that like the studies showing that side gas tanks on trucks this one was dangerous. In the truck study to get them to ignite and blow up they had to drill holes in the tanks and put incendiary devices on the truck to ignite the gas when hit from the side.

  8. Richard did you not get my link to the film? I sent it to you by email a week or so ago I thought. Maybe a couple of days?

  9. If I did I didn’t realize what it was, I was busy with other things and wasn’t paying a lot of attention to the emails then. Sorry, I will go back through them and see it it is there and then watch the video.

  10. There is no doubt that the spiritual descendents of Margret Sanger are alive and well in the environmental movement, and their actions towards the Third World shows that the true racists are on the left. The environmentalists will cry crocodile tears over the deaths and then say that it is a pity that more didn’t die. As I said in my earlier comment type Deep Ecology into a good search engine and read what is said on their websites, you will discover that a lot of them want Three Quarters to Nine Tenths of the human race to die so that they can live in what they consider to be an ideal environment.

    The vector born diseases are once again on the raise and most people are willing to let others die rather then spray pesticides and save lives.

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