New Zealand useful idiots protest an Israeli Parliamentarian speaker

The description below is from the blog, Daphne Ansen. Thanks to Cockney Doll for the tip. Click over to Daphne’s site for the details. (Sorry for having titled it with the wrong country initially)

Here they are, earlier this month outside the local Jewish community centre, all worked up and raucous, yelling against Reuven Rivlin (“blood on your hands”), Israel (“a police state”) , getting very angry against the Auckland police (screams of “police protect the Zionists!”) and civic authorities, and making general prats of themselves:

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2 Replies to “New Zealand useful idiots protest an Israeli Parliamentarian speaker”

  1. Where are those despicable demonstrators spawned ?! It’s enough to make you want to puke seeing Trash like that in action.
    All right-thinking Westerners must come to the defense of Israel and its besieged Menschen.
    God Bless and Protect the only civilised nation in the Middle East !

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