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Funny, there seems to be no mention of Islam at all in MSM coverage of the conflict in the Ivory coast. It’s almost as if the large media organiztions had a tacit agreement or direct instructions to stop mentioning Islam whenever it is the source of anything bad.

From Front Page Magazine:

The crisis in the Ivory Coast has important lessons for Europe, Israel and the United States.  And none of these lessons is being conveyed by the Western media.

The most important aspects of the crisis in the Ivory Coast are being overlooked or deliberately disguised by the Western media.  One can read media report after media report without discovering the basic fact that the Northern Ivory Coast “rebels” are Muslims.  Indeed they are Muslims who by and large entered the Ivory Coast as infiltrators, through borders that are poorly patrolled, from neighboring countries.  A better advertisement for stronger border control cannot be found.  At least four million illegal immigrants, mostly Muslim, entered the Ivory Coast during the past two decades, tilting the demographic balance there.

And these Muslim infiltrators and interlopers, increasingly backed by African, French and Western powers, are challenging the control by Ivory Coast natives over their own country.  The sufferings and violence in the Ivory Coast may well illustrate what awaits Europe if it continues its own demographic suicide and if it continues to flood itself with Muslim immigrants.  The conflict also illustrates the extent to which the Western powers are willing to subvert their commitment to Wilsonian principles.  Since Woodrow Wilson and the end of World War I, the West was nominally committed to erecting and defending nation states.  We now see that the Western powers (and African regimes) are willing to abandon this set of principles whenever faced with a cheap way to curry favor with Muslims.  Finally, it shows what awaits Israel if its seditious Left ever has its way and implements a Palestinian “Right of Return” that converts Israel into a “bi-national state.”

The Ivory Coast of today, or Côte d’Ivoire, is essentially a bi-national state, although each “nation” is in fact a collection of tribes.  The northern “nation” is Muslim; the southern “nation” consists of Christians and other Non-Muslims.  Built upon a territory that had once been home to several tribal statelets before the era of colonization, it fell under French partial control in the 1840s, and became a formal French colony in 1893.  French is still the official language spoken there, in addition to many local tribal tongues.  The French hung around until 1960, when the Ivory Coast became independent.  Once independent, the country was one of the most prosperous in Africa, thanks to its large cocoa crop.  The country has been politically unstable since a coup in 1999 and a civil war that began in 2002.

The background to the civil war and the current constitutional crisis is the massive in-migration of Muslims from the countries neighboring the Ivory Coast, mainly from Burkina Faso.

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