Andrea King interviews Ann Barnhardt

Ann is excellent here as she is in her now viral youtube video about the burning of the Koran and subsequent riots, but I have to take issue with her admonishment of Western men for lack of action. Overwhelmingly it is men who are fighting Islamic nutbags world wide, and frankly, women fought like hell for decades to emasculate men and reshape the relationship between the sexes. I’m sorry you don’t like the results. But the results you see, are the results you created. You, and women across the western world. Now you better step up to the plate and take your share of the responsibility now that you have taken more than your share of the privilege and wealth.

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Below, the scene from Tombstone she spoke of. (And it really is a great movie)

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  1. We have no real men here because all the real men are actually FIGHTING in the armed forces! Women are at the forefront of this “movement” because we, as women, have the most to lose. You’re right, in a sense, but then again, you’re wrong, too. We did do it to ourselves? We trusted our teachers and our politicians and our generals. We were led astray, but we let ourselves be led. No longer! And better to wake up late than never! All you men out there…..WAKE UP!

  2. There are a lot of real men left out here, but most are smart enough to start working in the political arena until they can change things so they won’t be arrested if they do anything to protect the nation.

    Having said that the Feminists and other leftists have done a lot of damage to the US and part of the damage is the attempt to feminize the men and to change the educational system so the schools teach in the way that women learn best rather then spending part of the time teaching so the boys learn best.

    Eeyore it is a great movie that follows history very closely, it ignores most of the politics of the time that would only confuse most of the viewers.

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