Diana West on what we hope is the Vox Populi

I must say, that woman who made those 2 excellent videos on the Koran burning may be destined for some real recognition and deserved celebrity. Lets hope so. Below, Diana West’s article on her and her videos. No worries about taking them down though. The moment they disappear, IF they disappear, they will reappear as one file on a site which allows embeds, and youtube has no control over.

Apr 5

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, April 05, 2011 5:42 AM 


Below, I am posting links to a 2-part video by a gal in Colorado named Ann Barnhardt whom I am most pleased to call a fellow citizen — as opposed to such fellow citizens as the craven Lindsey Graham, the battle-stressed David Petraeus and the Islamophile Barack Obama (?), to name a few of the most prominent dhimmis functioning in and dominating the public space.

About that public space: It’s extremely hard to get a word in there — hard to stand out against the static, hard to punch through the murk of propaganda and appeasement that serves as an excuse for news and policy. Punching through becomes the work of activists, lightning rods, so-called “zealots,” people whom it is all too easy for gloss-encased, college-pedigreed elites to dismiss as “nuts,” and worse. Random, recent examples here, here.

But, folks — due to the emergency crisis in our leadership, civilian and military, professional and clerical, and their total surrender to Islam, as evidenced never before more gut-wrenchingly than in this latest Afghan-massacre-queued capitulation by the presidency (no surprise, obviously), by the military command, by the Congress, by  the media, by the undefinable but still perceptible “consensus” — we are down to these supposed “nuts” and lightning rods. God bless them and America.

The fact is, I could write a (relatively) non-“nutty” syndicated column a week for 10 years on the copiously, redundantly, patently documented evils of Islam (gee, come to think of it …). I could get lots of supportive mail that I deeply appreciate, refine my arguments, work on a book or two (half) on related subjects, give talks at home and even abroad — and what. Nothing changes. No ignition — except, of course, that of the country, which continues, hell-in-handbasket-style, to go up in smoke, which is a far stretch worse than a single copy of the Koran burning; or, as our dhimmified, diss-able “leaders” prefer, aping the “a la mode,” the holy Qu’ran.

Which brings me to Terry Jones, for whom my admiration has no bounds given the sheer, static-busting audacity of this one perfect, purposeful act of symbolism that rejects not just Islam but an evil the world has known much longer than Islam: the evil that crushes the human spirit, the evil that incarcerates free will and dictates free thought, that imposes, demands and exacts truly dread conformity.

Such conformity is codified in the laws of Islam, which the non-Islamic world has reoriented itself to as though Mecca were the new magnetic North. This reorientation has taken place, and at warp speed, particularly since the Islamic law of jihad drove 19 hijackers to attack the United States on September 11, 2001. But other such codifications — cults —  mar human history, most often tending toward theories of forced collectivization familiarly exemplified in the modern era by Marx.

Today, the strongest collective compulsion — which, crucially important point, serves both Marxian as well as Islamic goals of destroying the West — is to prohibit criticism of Islam. Jones, in putting the Koran on mock trial, in symbollically burning a copy of it, in punching through the static by attracting the malignant attention and amplification of Boss-Taliban (Karzai), by serving as only the latest excuse (Cartoon Rage, Pope Rage, Fitna Rage, Teddy Bear Rage….) for an Islamic bloodletting to remind infidels what happens when we don’t kiss the ring, boldly rejects and defies this. His advent is what you might call a virtuoso piece of “performance art” in progress, showcasing the indomitable nature of the truly free human spirit.

I salute him. So does Ann Barnhardt, whom I had never heard of until this a.m. when I found her two-part Youtube homage-cum-sequel in my inbox.

Don’t miss. Part 1, in which she flays Lindsey Graham is here. Part 2, in which she flames the Koran, evil verse by evil verse, is here.

At least it is until “they” take it down.

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One Reply to “Diana West on what we hope is the Vox Populi”

  1. Ann Barnhardt for President!

    Diane West for VP!

    Pamela Geller for Secretary of State!

    Robert Spencer for Attorney General!

    And all the rest of the anti-jihad movement should be heralded and given government posts as well.

    (What would you want, Eeyore? Secretary of the Interior? Consider it done!)

    Ann has hopefully hit a nerve among the mere 10,000 plus people who have watched it. She tells it like it is and isn’t about to back down on her human right to freedom of conscience and freedom of speech, which are the heart of the western ethical system.

    May she and the billions of others who think like her be victorious against this implacable enemy that masquerades as a religion. Islam has no place in the modern world.

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