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12 Replies to “Another fellow with the right idea.”

  1. Thank you, thank you…………..you say it!!! Its so true………………….
    Eurabia needs you………The West needs you………………………………

  2. Congratulations!!! One of the few people in the world that gets it right with islam. In Europe we are already going down the drain because of all the internal, mostly political correct politicians and their coward civil servants. We are paying for our own demise!!!! That is exactly how islam wants it@!!!!! Thx for speaking up.

  3. This man speaks the truth. Enough of the Muslim Garbage and appeasing White Cowards!
    The West needs to confront the Muslim Mentals and kick their Sicko Butts off this planet.
    Enough is enough…let’s take the fight to them, and annihilate the Monsters!

  4. ok, since no one else has come forward, I’ll be more explicit…this guy (a/k/a Black Man Hates Obama or RainMan) is a notorious, flaming antisemite, and I mean flaming…the hate he shows for Islam is exceeded by the hate I’ve seen him show towards Jews (I’ve probably still got his emails to back that up, too)

  5. Print them here if you like. I have never heard of this guy before. But I like his approach to the Koran. If he is as you say, feel free to ‘out’ him here. Meanwhile, I have to figure out how to handle a new bunch of videos from various Mustard groups across Europe all planning to stage a massive protest in Paris about the burka ban. Translating from Dijon to English is very hard and once you do, it sounds insane mostly. But has to be taken seriously. Anyone with a really good knowledge of France french would be welcome to help.

  6. Funny ! If ER is correct ( I’ll check through the web) it’s tempered … but he at least got it right when it comes to Islam ! I would love to have everyone with fire in their bones for what is right … I hate passivity , dhimmitude attitudes (rhymes) and worst of all appeasement ! Eeyore > I understand french & speak fluently but I think you should not have trouble finding someone who is from France who would be able to translate .

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