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6 Replies to “Michael Coren weighs in on Pastor Jones Koran burning.”

  1. There has been a lot of criticism of Dr.T.Jones burning of the Quran after he put it on trial. Has anybody read the reasons for his actions. Here is what he says “We are not against Muslims. They are welcome to be in America and worship freely. We do, however, warn that Muslims are not welcome to be in America without submitting to our laws. We are also well aware of the pressures Muslim communities place on neighbors, institutions and businesses to become ‘Sharia compliant.’ Muslims often expect a society in which they live to bow to the various laws of Islam, and put pressure on that society not to question Islam’s teachings. We have seen this happen in Europe. We warn that this pressure is not welcome in America”. 
    At this link below he gives ten reasons for the burning of the Quran. Go and read it.

  2. Jones is a hero. He’s got a fartwa on his head for who knows how many millions and the condemnation of all the shriekers in the world.

    If we treat them with velvet gloves militarily, lets at least employ confrontation and ridicule at home in order to shame them out of Islam.

    We need a large scale anti Islam propaganda machine, Muhammad movies and comedy to crack the wall of bigotry, falsehood, appeasement and dhimmitude.

    Satan hates to be mocked. So do the Muslims. Islam cannot stand the light of day, lets flush the madness out!

  3. The Judeo-Christian Bible doesn’t condone the enslavement, rape, and killing of all non-believers while the theo-political belief system and construct (Islam) does it over and over again in its Quran. This kind of equivocation is always used to mock Judeo-Christians, and I’m getting kind of tired of it. But he failed to note why some Muslims don’t condemn violent Jihad is because then they wouldn’t be Muslim. They would only condemn other Muslims using al-taqiyya when lying to the infidels. But yes, at least Michael doesn’t completely knuckle under to political correctness.

  4. Listening to this conversation, only one thought came to mind. The Western world is a ‘civilized’ people and the Muslim world is barely dragging itself out of the dark ages. Of course there will be issues when the western world try to compare their values with those of these fanatical barely educated and armed to the teeth radicalized religious zealots. It will take years and lots of discipline to bring them up to any kind of civility.

  5. Even Michel Coren for whom I have lots of respect cannot refrain from calling Terry Jones a foolish man with bad mustache. Why is that necessary? Terry Jones said publicly what many people think privately. It made him in my eyes a very brave person with integrity. He may be foolish to put his life on the line for his beliefs but that is up to him to decide. The message in his act is clear and should be judged as such regardless wheather we agree or disagree with his religious views. I am really tired of people saying “I disagree with burning of any book”. If one wants to burn book, any book just go ahead. Books are not sacred cows. Broken chair or bad book, what’s the difference. As sheik yer’mami pointed out the Satan does not like to be mocked so mocked he should be.

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