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One Reply to “Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff in Copenhagen”

  1. An excellent speech, and one which should be seen around the world, wherever Muslims are growing in number.

    During her speech, I had an interesting question.

    If the EU is preparing the continent for applications of sharia law, what is the attraction for leaders?

    If you compare the freedoms that are still remaining in the west, that answer is obvious.

    Sharia law is attractive to leaders in the same way that Nazi and Fascist laws were attractive to the leaders of Germany and Italy. The laws were powerful, controlled the people to great lengths and kept them in power.

    This is the prime reason why sharia law is so dangerous. Its punishments are far beyond what is required to curb crime. The control that men have over women under sharia law is nearly absolute and when you control over half of your population like that, you have the ability to do pretty much what you want to them.

    And lets not forget that Islamic leaders tax the crap out of foreign workers, so much so that many can’t escape their servitude. They also tax non-Muslims under the same jaziya taxation scheme.

    For leaders who want to have nearly absolute control over their population, there is no better way than by implementing sharia law. Muslims can’t question it and to do so invokes the deadly wrath of the same leaders who benefit from those laws; the clerics and other so-called religious men of Islam.

    Sharia law also has one advantage over many other systems. It is apparently divinely sanctioned and for Muslim leaders, this is the cherry on top of the cake. Who wants to question what is supposedly the “Supreme Being”?

    The EU has signed over its rights as sovereign nations to Islam. The Muslim population of Europe, now over 50 million strong, can breathe a collective sigh of relief as their political ideology can no longer be openly challenged or questioned under this pathetic excuse of legislation.

    And the leadership within the EU can also thank themselves for promoting Islam in the only way that Islam can win; through lawfare and the threat of terrorism if it does not comply.

    I wish that the people of Europe would stand up to the EU and call for its dissolution as the now-despotic regime that it has become. In the name of internal stability, the EU has destroyed the very fabric of what makes the western, free world so great. It has destroyed the people’s ability to question authority and speak freely.

    May Elizabeth and Geert and the Tommy Robinsons of the world rise up and take back the west from these barbarians and savages who will use even our own laws against us in order to build a universal caliphate.

    May the west prevail.

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