The Q Society in Oz. New hope for ending myopia in the western world.

I grabbed this clip for and no doubt if you click over there is a few hours you will see a much better informed post about it than I can do, having just heard about this group 30 minutes ago. However here are a couple of links with details on her, and them.

About this interview: and how to contact the Q society. Hopefully to give them money.

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7 Replies to “The Q Society in Oz. New hope for ending myopia in the western world.”

  1. I apologise for not sending this link when the programme was first shown. I’ve been busy elsewhere.

    Martin made very light of this and comparing Vicki to Pauline Hansen, is no comparison

    I have met Vicki, who is a sheer delight. A very nice person

  2. They lie so well, don’t they? I mean, if I didn’t know better I would be inclined to believe the Musim in the video – he’s very convincing. No matter how much evidence piles up, their is always a Muslim apologist ready and able to say that nothing is happening at all, that it’s all in your ignorant, racist head – nothing to see here, move along.

  3. I have noticed that whenever a Muslim is asked a simple yes or no question, they never give a straight answer of yes or no. The “representative” of the university association, I guess, did exactly that. That tells me that he is practicing takkiya, outright lying to the reporter. He knows what is happening, but refuses to answer the question.

    Its a typical tactic that Muslims have been trained to use when confronted by westerners. That is a very good reason to not trust them.

    As far as the Q Society, there should be thousands upon thousands of chapters all over the western world. And they should exist in parts of the world which are not Muslim, so that we can defeat Islam with sheer numbers, just as they are trying to defeat us through demographics.

  4. Shirl in Oz I agree she comes across as a delightful person. This is the kind of charisma the antijihad needs. Australia is certainly throwing up a lot of good women. However, the fastest growning religion in Australia is Buddhism. The majority of the immigrants are from that faith and are from the far east. The muslims are small fry in comparison but they make a big noise as usual.

  5. I think a crucial first step for the Q Society is the education of the Australian masses in regard to the Islamic principles of abrogation, dhimma, taqqiya and hudna, with examples of each principle clearly voiced. As these principles become more widely known and more deeply understood and their implications for Western civilization and Enlightenment values more widely grasped, people generally will become more suspicious and doubting of Islam and support (both moral and active) for the Q Society (and similar organisations) will surely grow.

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