The Tundra Tabloids posted today about the Israeli seizure of weapons on a freighter heading from Turkey to Gaza, these are the pictures taken by the IDF from its hold. KGS

UPDATE: Video!

ALSO: Weapons seized from a Gaza-bound ship by the Israeli navy early March 15 were from Iran, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, Haaretz reported. Authorities are collecting information, but the one certainty is that the weapons are from Iran by way of Syria, Netanyahu said.

NOTE: Source: IDF Spokesman


  1. If I were the PM of Israel, I would use all of thos weapons to turn Gaza into aparking lot. I would cease all life; adults, the aged and the children. Especially the children.

    I think that if the Israeli Air Force were to launch a “death attack” at 3:45 am, Israel time, assuming 15 minutes until Obambi gets the news, the IAF would have 4 – 8 hours until Britain or France could arrange for a “no fly” zone over Gaza, if at all.

    The US would need between 2 – 6 hours, assuming that the US Air Force has jets in Germany ” ready to go” and not in Iraq or in the Persian Bay. If not, the nearest planes are in Maine. No?

    If the IAF created an impenetrable walls of smoke screen, at the edge of theWest Bank, in the Sinai, in the Med, in Lebanon, and n the Negev, it would not be easy. The jets would be flying into smoke, relying on their GPS systems.

    The IAF could follow a planned circular route around Gaza, relying on fixed courses, could return to Israel, reload and drop their payloads and again and again,,,

    Q1 If the US Air Force demanded entry into Israeli air space, could Israel refuse?
    Q2 Could the IAF finish the job within 90 minutes?
    Q3 reaction by the Russian Air Force – any jets in Turkey?
    Q4 I assume no reaction by the Italian air force, Spanish air force, German air force.
    Q5 Will the US even react as we approach an election in 2012? No reaction by Obambi re: Libya and Iran.
    Is it feasable?

  2. They were probably made in Singapore, there are several factories over there that have have licenses to make US weapons.

  3. Its all part of the grand jihad that the Saudis, in conjunction with Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey and the PA have to eventually wipe Israel off the map. Iran is also aiding this effort by using the UN and other world bodies to demonize the only democracy in the region.

    And the idiotic MSM buys into the lies just as easily as Neville Chamberlain bought the lies of the Nazis in the mid-thirties.

    So who are the villains now?

    In the eyes of the MSM, certainly not the “innocent” residents of Gaza.

    Time for the west to wake up, smell the dead bodies (even in their own back yards) and take out the threat to world peace that is Islam.

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