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13 Replies to “25 years ago, Milton Friedman explained it well in under 3 minutes”

  1. Friedman would have denounced the current wave of far-right anti-Muslim fear/hate-mongering quicker than you could rationalize/minimize Pinochet’s crimes.

  2. Pinochet is an anti-marxist hero…
    Chile is far better off without those evil marxists that would have liquidated hundreds of thousands had Pinochet not stopped them cold…

    am I doin it rite?

  3. Friedman probably believed that Pinochet was the result of socialism. Pinochet and his supporters is a reaction to the horrible socialist policies of Allende. Chile is a prosperous nation because of Pinochet’s policies. The current president Pinera is worth over 1 billion US!

    Friedman believed that totalitarianism is evil. Islam, being total in its control over thought, is evil. I believe that a good muslim is a dead muslim but thats just me. Islam must be “expunged” from the west if our future descendants are to thrive; else they will live in fear and a big portion of capital will not be efficiently spent.

    Friedman should be on the right. Anything that is going to arrest our economic and enjoyment must be excised. Hence, Islam, being a totalitarian its belief that all non muslims are apes and pigs, and the lack of any meaningful economic progress “on its own” in the muslim jungle without having to take elements from the west, is a component that the west can do without.

    The presence of Islam is a boon for Western airport security systems, military security, border security and private security. that capital could be used much more efficiently.

  4. Brilliant. A simple truth well expressed. On another point muslims worship lah. The Al bit is just word the. As in al koran meaning the koran etc

  5. Wish I had already seen this clip in business school. It’s absolutely right to say, that greed is universal, existing in socialist or capitalist societies. Kim Jong Il serves as a good example here. The people of NK are far worse off under socialism than their southern fellow koreans under capitalism, but only the best imported Cognac®/Cars/TV Sets/Stereos/Name it for Kimi and his loyal crew. I disagree in parts with Friedman’s economic assumptions; although that’s not the clip’s topic. He famously advocated supply-side economics, while the other well-known economic thinker of the 20th century, John Maynard Keynes prefered his economics. That means , the state helps the economy in times of crisis (deficit spending), pushing the demand for goods and services, thereby helping to prevent smashups (cash for clunkers and such measures). He insists, that in times of economic boom, this spent money can and must be recollected, which doesn’t really work in reality. Both visions, Friedman’s and Keynes’ seem not worth pursuing them to the max, even if Keynes’ extreme wouldn’t even result in any hard core socialism, he was a liberal. Applying only one of both may yield bad results, so deciding case-by-case who to support this time, demand or supply, seems reasonable imo.

  6. Totalitarianism is not evil. Just like any other government it depends on who the leadership is. Would zoo animals think the zookeeper is evil? The zookeeper that keeps them safe, feeds them, dictates the law and all the rules? I think not.

    These same animals would be on the run, living to survive, being hunted killed as prey in the wild and forced to live a life of suffering.

  7. Economic theories cant be applied in totality against every situation, because times change and new things arise. Thats the problem I have with all of these guys and their theories. One size does not fit all and it depends on what has changed in the world as history changes.

  8. Economic theories such as the ones expounded by Miltorn Friedman are universal and timeless. Socialism and Islamism and Fascism are recent inventions. capitalism has existed in one form or another throughout humans time on earth.

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