Even when these Western dames are all bagged up in the freedom sack, they can’t get a moment’s reprieve from the sexomuslimaniacs in the House of Saud. KGS

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Islam: Where Women Are Most Equal

Posted on March 9, 2011 by cecilie
The unrest in the Middle East is starting to make its presence felt in little Hong Kong. Cathay Pacific, which before did overnight stays in unstable Bahrain, has now started doing them in super-safe Riyadh in Saudi Arabia instead. But lo and behold, although female Cathay’s female staff are being issued full body-covers on landing in case a member of the religion of peace should happen to see them uncovered and thus naturally unable to control himself, are now complaining about local men trying to force their way into the hotel rooms of cabin crew.

The article doesn’t say what the local men had intended to do upon the successful entrance to the room; my guess is they just wanted to see a Cathay Pacific flight attendant un-bagged and then go on to inform her about the many benefits enjoyed by women living in the safe clutches of islam. However, the cabin crew members, misunderstanding the intentions of the well-meaning men; perhaps even suffering a temporary bout of islamophobia, raised the hue and cry – maybe they thought they would get raped or something. Some people are so over-dramatic! So now these hysterical and frankly anti-multiculturalist women are asking Cathay Pacific to discontinue overnight stays in Riyadh.

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  1. The entire middle east is poised on the brink of war, and the nuts are believing their own propaganda about taking over the world. If the airlines have to fly to the middle east they should use only straight male crews, if they don’t these incidents will continue until one or more of the women are gang raped.

  2. All women who dress in western (or forbidden eastern) style dress are at risk in the presence of Muslim men. Period. End of story.

    Muslim men are given full reign to their basest instincts and live by their dicks when given the chance and they do. Especially when living in western countries.

    Ask the women of Malmo, Sweden if they feel safe. Or Oslo, Norway. Or London’s Muslim-dominated districts. Or anywhere else that Muslim men exist in large numbers.

    Islam subjugates women and non-Muslims equally. Neither have any rights and neither are supposed to exist with free will. Then again, Islam denies free will to anyone except Muslim men’s penises.

    Its at the base of child marriages, sex slaves, “small boy Thursdays” and other sexual practices that are rampant in Islam.

    As far as those full-body coverings; has anyone felt like I do that they make women look like giant black penises?

  3. This story says nothing about the West, Western women, or Western dress.
    It is about the moral integrity and decency of Muslim men.
    And Muslim men have no moral integrity.
    They have no decency.
    So Islam is spread by the sword . . . and by something else.

  4. eib wrote: It is about the moral integrity and decency of Muslim men.

    Good. Moral integrity and Muslims is a contradiction in terms.

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