What they need is more respect! Non-Muslims only needs to prostrate themselves just a bit more than they’ve already have, and the mussulmen will finally begin to accept them as second class citizens in their own land. KGS

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£50 insult to Britain’s war dead: Veteran’s fury as poppy burner enjoying a life on benefits gets paltry fine and mocks soldiers

  • Despite saying he would pay more for a parking fine, Choudhury said he would not pay up

Emdadur Choudury hurling abuses at the very people who pay for his upkeep in welfare benefits. Great going Britain, it was nice knowing you while it lasted!

Emdadur Choudhury, who didn’t bother to attend the hearing yesterday, claimed the charge levelled against him was ‘ridiculous’

Choudhury, from Bethnal Green, East London, was found guilty of using threatening or abusive words or behaviour by District Judge Howard Riddle, following a one-day trial last month.

The maximum fine possible was £1,000, plus legal costs, and Judge Riddle said he had no doubt Choudhury had set out to shock and offend. Yet he fined him only £50, plus a £15 victim surcharge.

Although Choudhury sneered that he would have been fined more than £50 for a parking offence, he is refusing to pay. However the bill will be picked up by his ‘good friend’ Anjem Choudary, the notorious firebrand preacher.

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  1. this piece of shites home address and phone number has been made public by an ex service man on facebook last night. i wouldn’t give his chances of coming out unharmed more than a snowflake in hell right now……

  2. There should be no place in a liberty rights-respecting society for supporters and advocates of the liberty rights-violating totalitarian politico-religious ideology that is Islam. What would have been the outcry and outcome had a productive, self-supporting, liberty rights-respecting individual publically incinerated his or her own copy of that fraudulent, liberty rights-violating manual for world conquest the Qur’an?

  3. In a traditional and normal society, citizens who disrespected the forces of the Crown and insulted them, would be on trial for contempt of the Crown. the punishment for such a crime would have been a sentence of death. At the least, the traitors would have their citizenship revoked, and then banished from the kingdom.

  4. Ever voted Labour, ever voted Conservative, ever voted Lib Dem?
    Then this is what you voted for, no point in crying about it now.

  5. Gene the Vets also know how to obey orders and swear to obey their superiors, I don’t know the exact oath that the Brits take but going vigilante is a big deal, the vets will take a lot before they do anything.

  6. The judge claimed that what he had done was part of a legitimate protest. By “legitimate”, the judge should have added that “legitimate” only entails protesting government inequities or social problems that need addressing, such as poverty or child abuse. What these people do is protest the very fabric of the society they leech off of.

    That is not “legitimate” in my books, nor should it be for any judge who has to uphold the common laws of the land. Muslims who protest in this manner want sharia law and nothing less than the destruction of what is left of the UK would please them.

    That is sedition in anyone’s book.

    The easy solution is to round up every Muslim associated with this thug and those who support him, families and all, and deport them. Failing that, do what Queen Elizabeth the First did with Guy Fawkes when he was caught guarding the powder keg beneath the Houses of Parliament…

    Muslims do not understand anything but violence, why do we appease them at every turn by answering their protests with words?

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