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9 Replies to “Kosovar shooter holding flag from facebook picture”

  1. The guy in the picture is older than 21 but the facebook page profile photo belongs to a fellow who could be early 20s. I just picked that picture as it holds a flag, and therefore a key to the guys politics.

  2. The Turkish Empire once held all of the Balkans, the Albanians want to bring that area back under Islamic rule.

  3. In Albania they have maps printed showing ‘Greater Albania” much larger than the corrupt state at present. Many Albanians lust for and have their eyes on Greece , Macedonia, Kosovo, and other parts of the Balkans.

  4. @Big Frank

    You spot on.

    The only thing I also want to add is that the muslims in Bulgaria are different compared to the other muslims in the Balkans.

    They are descendants of people who have been forced to convert to islam, and therefore more moderate then the other muslims we know all to well.

  5. I did a little more research on “politacally incorrects” german websites and blogs. (The only places where you can find the truth…)

    It appears that the shooters real name is Arid Uka but often he got called Arif. He is also known to use the false name Abu Reyyan.

    He is a gun fanatic and supporter of the Pierre Vogel group – a radical german islamist.

    I got the information from here where a close up photo of him also appears:


  6. BTW if that flag which we can’t get a full view of had the letters U C K it would represent the so-called thug, gangster, terrorist group known to us as the K L A (in English) the Kosovo Liberation Army a group of thugs who literally have gotten away with drug and human smuggling, burning of Orthodox Monasteries, ethnic cleansing,and mass murder of the remaining Serbs in Kosovo.

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