The Muslim Brotherhood and Gaddafi were partners not too long ago

From Point De Bascule by way of Blazing Cat Fur:

28 Février 2011 par Point de Bascule

Mots clés: Gaddafi, Kadhafi, Qaradawi, WICS, MAC

In encouraging Libyan soldiers to kill leader Muammar Gaddafi (Point de Bascule), Muslim Brotherhood (MB) patriarch Youssef Qaradawi has got himself in a bind. It was his MB that had collaborated extensively with the man whom they condemn as a tyrant today. Qaradawi’s call to assassinate Gaddafi has been translated into English by MEMRI.

On February 28, 2011, it was still possible to view a March 29, 2010 message on a Libyan website in which Qaradawi hailed the courage of Gaddafi for having released Islamists from jail.

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2 Replies to “The Muslim Brotherhood and Gaddafi were partners not too long ago”

  1. Islam promotes a type of pack animal mentality at most levels of life. This is just one more example of this.

    Muslims, in general, will be your allies and your friends should they feel that you are in a superior position to them. When you fall, or you are vulnerable, many will turn on former allies and attack in the name of their ideology. This is hudnu in action, precisely what the founder of the death cult practiced and condoned.

    The MB are merely doing much the same thing that US and Allied forces are seeing in Afghanistan when so-called “friendly” troops open fire on their allies. The victims of the Ft. Hood massacre, to cite another example, paid with their lives because of the treachery of “one of their own” who just happened to be Muslim.

    The MB see that Gaddafi’s days are numbered and want a piece of the action.

  2. The MB use Gaddafi to gain money and influence, now that he is no longer useful to them they are leaving him to find a new source of power.

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