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4 Replies to “Pat Condell: Andy Chaudery rides again”

  1. Yeah, he’s right. Anjem Choudary simply doesn’t think he needs to lie about the goals of Islam and just goes ahead and lets the cat out of the bag every time he speaks. Everyone should hear his message, it’s the best wake-up call I can think of. I’m surprised the Imams havn’t reined him in.

  2. Choudary no doubt means what he says. The big problem is that it is so outrageous that the majority of people in the west do indeed think he’s just a lunatic fringe element and dismiss him as such. It is never a good thing to underestimate your opponent no matter what.

  3. Pat Condall is an arsehole, a bafoon, a windbag, a racist animal, and if he had all the power in the world we would see he is just another Hitler!! This racist arsehole never seems to comment on US and UK soldiers terrorising innocent people where they are based- in many parts of the world. Pat you twat wh don’t host comments about UK terrorist troops operating in Afganistan? You will not because you are just full of racist foul shi..

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