Gaddafi promises hell for all who do not “love him”

(ANSAmed) – ROME, FEBRUARY 25 – “Those who don’t love me do not deserve to live, it will be hell for them”. This is the message from Muammar Gaddfi, who has made a speech to crowds in Tripoli that was broadcast live on television.

The colonel appeared before supporters of his regime in Green Square, propped up against the wall of a government building. “Prepare to defend Libya,” Gaddafi cried, his fist raised. “Arms deposits are open to arm the people and together we will fight, defeat and kill those who are protesting”.

“Look Europe. Look America, this is the Libyan people, this is the result of the revolution. The revolution has revived Omar Al Mukhtar, we will fight for the land of Libya,” Gaddafi continued. “We defeated Italian invaders and in the same way we will defeat any foreign attempt against us. We will fight, we will fight to regain every piece of Libyan land. We will defeat them as we defeated Italian colonialism”. “Look, I am among you: dance, sing and be happy,” Gaddafi ended, greeting the crowd and leaving the square.(ANSAmed).

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  1. Let’s hope the sanctions imposed by the UN will contribute to the final resignation of Gaddafi instead of increasing the suffering of the ordinary people of Libya. The cooperation of the most powerful countries is essential now in order to prevent another genocide from happening in this country.

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