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5 Replies to “Allen West speaks on FOX about his confrontation with CAIR”

  1. I sure wish we had conservatives like Mr West here in Canada. We have not had a “conservative” party to vote for here since the demise of the Reform Party. I have not missed voting since I turned 21 in 1960 but if there is not a real conservative independent running in my riding in the next election I am considering not voting rather than vote for the cino CPC candidate we have here.

  2. He should have been elected the first African-American US President, since he speaks of defending the very values and ethics that shaped the US and its legal system.

    Instead, we have this takiyya/kitman practicing appeaser who lashes out at the one democratic country in the entire Middle East for defending itself from terrorism. Instead, we have this person who insists on treating Islam with respect.

    I will respect Islam only when it respects everyone else. That really means “never”.

    Congressman West should have been President of the USA. Then we would really have a good idea of what we are fighting against and what we are fighting for: freedom.

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