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10 Replies to “Donald Rumsfeld on Obama’s foreign policy”

  1. The statement made by Susan Rice immediately after the UN vote in Feb. 2011 was outrageously one-sided, the type of pandering to the worst elements in the world which has become a pattern for Obama’s foreign policy.

    In the view of the Obama administration, more than 60 years of Arab rejectionism, means nothing.
    The rejection of the 1947 U.N. partition plan never happened;
    the war to drive the Jews into the sea never happened;
    the terrorist attacks on Israel prior to 1967 never happened;
    the rejection of multiple attempts at territorial compromise during the Clinton administration never happened;
    the deliberate launch of “intifadas” after Israel proposed compromise never happened;
    Hamas in Gaza never happened;
    dozens of suicide bombings killing hundreds of Israelis never happened;
    continued anti-Semitic propaganda throughout the Palestinian territories never happened;
    No, the only thing the Obama administration deemed worthy of condemning in Amb. Rice’s statement was Israeli settlement activity

  2. I don’t believe Rumsfeld is in any position to criticise anyone’s foreign policy after the complete disaster him and Bush and the other American fantasists have been for their country: namely two completely pointless wars (three if you count the greater Albanian land in old Yugoslavia, that the Americans and their allies are even as we speak losing in a spectacular fashion.
    The fact that Obama ( another fantasy merchant ), continued with the said rolling disaster, doesn’t make the previous idiots any less idiotic. I’d not listen to a word this guy has to say, I’ve never heard him say anything but drivel anyway.

  3. Obama’s foreign policy has been a disaster, he is opening up the entire west to attack from the Middle East, and way too many people refuse to see this. He is doing everything to weaken the west which is allowing our enemies to strengthen and attack us when they think they are capable of destroying us. One of the biggest mistakes he has made is to return to the Clinton administrations attitude that terror attacks are crimes rather then acts of war, all this does is ensure there will be more terror attacks. And sooner rather then later.

  4. I would wait a while before pronouncing that our policy to bring “the light of democracy” to Iraq and Afghanistan is a failure, for it depends on our real objectives, rather then the stated ones to beguile the public and our enemies.

  5. DP111 I don’t think we went into Iraq and Afghanistan with the intention of building a democracy in either place, granted the neo-cons decided we needed to do that. If as I suspect the goal was to destroy both nations ability to support terrorism and fund terror attacks on the US they have been a success. For the rest of it, I don’t know.

  6. Around 6 years ago, I gave thought to the inconsistent and sometimes diametrically opposed reasons that were being given by our leaders at the time. The ones formulating the reasons and in the public eye, were mainly Tony Blair and Donald Rumsfeld.

    Now Tony Blair is one the astutest politicians I know. He can, and has had made fools of the UK electorate three times in a row. He fooled Turkey into signing a deal with EU, which has now led to blocking Turkey’s further entry into the EU. Time and time again, charming Tony Blair has fooled or trapped his opponents into believing that he was an honest interlocutor. So when Tony is giving valid and reasonable reasons, watch out.

    Donald Rumsfeld is a highly intelligent man, with an understanding of the sweep history, and again, an astute calibrator of politics, so again take care.

    These two are not just professionals but outstanding professionals, who are able to fool their professional rivals, where you and I are rank amateurs.

    So asked myself why the interventions? I wrote all this down to a friend of mine some 6 years ago. He was sceptical about my ideas at the time but now admits that I was right.

    I believe we have to stay in Afghanistan for a few more years, and maybe intervene in another Islamic country, one of the ME ones where we are told by the MSM, of a people yearning to be free. We can as usual, give the reason that we helping the people yearning to be free. Then wait to see what sort of government they install.

    Bear in mind a couple of other interesting facts, which again I was struck with

    1. Not just the whole of NATO but the entire Western world intervened in Afghanistan, a two bit landlocked country that posed no threat of any significance. Yet they were all there, including fanatically neutral Sweden, and at one time, constitutionally obligated neutral Switzerland. This has never happened in the history of the Western world. Never. They all volunteered without being strong armed by Bush and Blair.

    Are all the leading politicians of the West complete fools, who believe that we can make an Islamic country into a Western style democracy?

    2. After having occupied Afghanistan (and Iraq), the coalition swiftly stated that if the people wanted sharia they could have it – which was never the stated goal – in fact the opposite. In fact we legitimised sharia in Iraq and Afghanistan through the UN, which was never the case before.

    As you may have noted, I have always supported the interventions. Some may have noted the scare quotes. We need to stay there a few more years and maybe intervene in another ME country that is easy to pushover- Yemen comes to mind, and then wait to see the outcome.

    As Pres Bush and PM Blair said at the time, we are in a 50 year war. They have set the train in motion, and set in such a way, that even Obama the Islamophile (that is, if he is), is unable to stop it.

    Bear in mind that one of stated reasons was that we are there so we don’t have to fight them here. They are absolutely right. For obvious reasons, they just happened to forgot to tell us when.

  7. The West is riddled with terrorist plots, and Muslim terrorists plotting bomb attacks, and mass murder. It’s only a matter of time before there’s a massacre in a shopping centre, or town centre, in one of the main Western Countries. The stupid idea that by messing around getting massacred and shot at in pathetic Islamic backwaters makes us somehow safe, is just absurd.
    You might as well say that the USA was playing a long game in Vietnam, and they really really really reached there goals, but didn’t tell the public. It was a disaster, like Iraq and Afghanistan is an ongoing disaster. We will limp along, then leave, leaving a population more unstable and filled with hatred than when we found it, having spent millions and millions for no reason or gain whatsoever.
    The reason Tony and Bush seemed confused about end goals, and what to do next, is because of their naivety about human nature, there inability to even begin to comprehend the enemy they face, and there crass stupidity.
    Another agenda? I’d like to hear what that could be, the only thing you could guarantee is it will be more ridiculous, and counter productive than the overt one, what ever that is.

  8. DP111 I don’t agree with you on all you have said but you have a lot of good points, part of the reason the entire west went into Afghanistan with us was because this was soon enough after the 9-11-01 attacks that everyone one remember them and knew why we are fighting. Did Bush and Blair know that the Caliphate was being reborn? I don’t know some of their advisers new people who were warning of this but those people weren’t in government employment so they might not have been listened to.

    Will we have to invade another Islamic nation, we will probably pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan and invade several over the next 40 to 50 years. Will we win the war in the long run, I pray we will.

    blindguard, in some ways Nam was a success, what you and others forget is that Nam wasn’t a seperate war, it was part of the defense against communism in the Cold War. Looking at as a front in the Cold War then even though we lost in Nam we won in the end.

    FYI, Iraq and Afghanistan aren’t two separate wars like so many people say, they are two different fronts in the same war.

    And yes part of the reason we went into both Iraq and Afghanistan was to keep the terrorists from coming over here. Yes I know (as well if not better then you do) that we have terrorists all over the west, what we don’t have is a lot of suicidal Moslems from the Middle East streaming into the West trying to set off suicide bombs in our malls. Yes I know one will succeed at some point, that is beside the point, the fact that the enemy is going to hurt us doesn’t mean that part of the reason for fighting over seas is to keep most of the terrorists there instead of letting them hit us here.

    I blame the attitude and arguments you and others are showing on the modern educational system, they don’t teach you the facts of history and thus you don’t have a large enough historical data base to draw on to see the flaws in your reasoning.

  9. @richard
    Well what flaws would those be?
    You assumme communism fel because of Vietnam, when in fact it fell when the contradictions between it’s rhetoric and it’s own people’s sense of the state they were really in came to a head.
    I like your “unflawed” hypothesis that getting involved in a bloody proctrated struggle, which you lose in a spectacular and public way, and is generally seen by the rest of the world as a complete failure, is in fact a victory.
    Lets have a look at some more notable “victories” from history.

    Japan vs USA, a clear win for Japan.
    France, Spain vs Britain (Trafalger) they got to rebuild their fleet, brillliant tactics by the French there.
    Germany vs Allies, well we all know how well Germany did after the war, those cunning Huns.
    Middle East vs Israel. who knew?
    Neanderthal man vs Homo Sapiens, damn they were cleverer than I thought.

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