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4 Replies to “Russian TV on the Iranian war ships, now said to be through the Suez”

  1. Things are getting interesting, and the Iranians and the Moslem Brotherhood are moving the pieces into place for an attack on Israel.

  2. Notice how RT criticizes (and exposes) America for tweeting support for the Iranian opposition while not supporting the Baharanians. Yet no mention of the US president’s public support of the egyptian protestors and repeated US calls for Murburak to step down.

    They also fail to mention that the Baharanian “protests” are suspected of being orchestrated by Iran as part of the plan to move the ships thru the Strait of Hourmuz.

    The port of origin in the graphic they showed is different from other graphics of the path the ships are taking – those other graphics show the ships passing Bahrain and going thru the Strait of Hourmuz. But the RT graphic misleadingly shows the ships originating from a port AFTER the Strait of Hourmuz.

    Russia gets a lot of oil from Iran.

    RT is not merely “the russian point of view”. It’s the point of view The Russian Government wants english speaking people to have. It’s Russian Propoganda tailored for the consumption english speaking peoples.

    (Even if the russian version says the same thing that would just mean its the view the government wants it’s own citizens to have).

  3. All government controlled media is a propaganda tool, the less democracy in their history and government the more control the government has. The left use to have an almost total monopoly on the media in the West, the net and FOX have destroyed that monopoly and the left has been trying to get control of both since they started. Any time I read or see any report from a media source with close government ties or control I assume it is what the government wants put out for us rather then the unvarnished facts.

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