…and none of them seemed to care if the statements are true or not…

A French media personality made two statements on two different French TV stations on the same day for which he was hauled into criminal court. It seems that the judge elected to use the ESW verdict strategy. What interested me was the fact that not the judge, reporters or lawyers mentioned the truthfulness of the statements or whether that should have mattered or not.

I guess Europe is pretty comfortable with being communist at this point.

Article on this below the MORE from the Guardian:

French journalist convicted on racism charge over drug dealer comment

From The Guardian:

The controversial French journalist Éric Zemmour has been found guilty of incitement to racial hatred after telling a TV chatshow that drug dealers were mostly “blacks and Arabs”.

The Paris trial sparked a fierce debate over freedom of speech and the extent of France’s racism problem, which is poisoning the republican ideal that all citizens are equal regardless of colour.

Zemmour, a well-known media commentator and columnist for Le Figaro, prides himself on his outspoken defiance of what he deems political correct, woolly liberals.

He appeared on a chatshow last year when the debate turned to the question of the French police’s excessive use of stop and search powers against minorities. He said: “But why are they stopped 17 times? Why? Because most dealers are blacks and Arabs. That’s a fact.”

According to the French model, where everyone is theoretically equal under a state blind to race or religion, it is illegal to count ethnic minorities or race statistics. So there are no figures on the ethnic identity of criminals.

Zemmour was also fined for telling another TV channel that employers “had a right” to turn down black or Arab candidates. Job discrimination over race and ethnicity is thought to be widespread in France.

Zemmour, whose parents were Jewish Berbers who emigrated from Algeria in the 1950s, told the court he was not a “provocateur” but a faithful observer of reality who refused political correctness. He was backed by several centre-right politicians and some on the left.

The state prosecutor accused him of using the “old stereotype that linked immigration to crime”.

The Zemmour case has reflected an increasingly uneasy debate over immigration in France as Nicolas Sarkozy tries to win over the far-right vote before his difficult re-election battle next year.

The Front National, led by its new, young, female face, Marine Le Pen, is scoring its highest ever ratings in the polls after exploiting mistrust of Islam by criticising Muslim street prayers and halal-only restaurants.

After what was attacked as a disastrous national debate on “immigration and national identity”, Sarkozy is now seeking to outmanoeuvre the extreme right by launching a nationwide consultation on the role of Islam in the French secular state.

The debate, to be run by his ruling UMP party, will begin in April and will seek to impose rules on how Islam should work in France, which has the biggest Muslim population in western Europe. Sarkozy told party members it was crucial because “yesterday’s racists are today’s populists”.

He said: “I don’t want prayers in the streets, or calls to prayer.” He said the decision to ban the niqab in public places from April was a good thing and now “we need to agree in principle about the place of religion”.

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9 Replies to “…and none of them seemed to care if the statements are true or not…”

  1. Don’t forget Karl Marx got his inspiration from the French Revolution, it is only fair for them to decide that the facts and truth don’t matter.

  2. This time the truth did not set him free. All pun aside the liberal leftist French government and so-called judicial system is stacked against anyone who dares to tell the truth. A nation that lives in a constant state of denial, will over time cease to be a nation. With their country decaying all around the french are drowning in their own sea of Political Correctness (i.e. Marxism) . They are more concerned about someones or some groups ‘feelings’ than the truth. Lets face most times the truth isn’t pleasant or cheery, but cold hard and biting.

  3. What happens if he simply refuses to pay? Sometimes it is better to endure a jail sentence of limited duration than pay tribute to tyranny.

  4. All of Europe is drowning in political correctness, and that is why they are going to blow up into civil wars, probably sooner rather then later.

  5. And they thought tearing down the Berlin Wall would open up all of Europe to democracy. They now realize the wall was there to protect them from the Communists. Ah, the dangers of opening the wrong door!

  6. Old guy you are wrong, the communist came around and over the wall long before it was torn down, it just showed the world how evil communism is.

  7. All over the world, where western values have been adopted and entrenched, it seems as if the courts and governments have backtracked on almost 1,000 years of progress. Especially when it comes to telling the ugly truth about Islam and Muslims.

    Are we suddenly back in the 16th century again, when neighbors routinely accused each other of witchcraft with no evidence to back the charges up? Only now the accused are journalists, politicians, academics and even common people. And the charges are ‘racism’ when they speak out against, not a race, but an ideology that spreads hatred, bigotry and violence wherever its followers go.

    Don’t these idiots see where they are going with this absurdity?

  8. RRWest this is what happens when the schools stop teaching the facts of history and are instead teaching how evil our culture is, the left worked hard to create this situtation and now we have to fight to revers the damage. It took over a 100 years for the West to reach this point and it will take about that long for the damage to be undone.

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