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3 Replies to “Violent protests in 4 Muslim countries today and Iranian Warships in Suez”

  1. You have Hezbollah threatening war with Israel, and Iran getting ready to send warships to Syria for a year, I think they are getting read to use naval gunfire to support Hezbollah and knock out the Israeli tanks.

  2. check out : Across the board, a gauntlet. Iran is already a major presence at the junction of the Red Sea and The Gulf Of Aden. Their nation is on The Persian Gulf and The Gulf Of Oman.

    Do you realize that the Muslims are moving to close off all waterborne access to the entire region in order to take out Israel, shut down Europe, cripple America and more ?
    They’ve been planning for decades. The ‘go’ moment has begun.

    We’re at a nanosecond before midnight

  3. no not a nanosecond, 5 minutes maybe but not a nanosecond, that won’t happen until they have all the pieces in position for the attack.

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