1. Why blame Muslim teachers – they are only teaching what is in the koran.

    Frankly I dont care what they teach, as long as they do not violate our laws.

    I just want all halal meat, imported or otherwise- the cruel slaughter of dumb and helpless animals, totally banned in this country.

  2. If we had imported millions of vipers to the West, it would have been a saner policy then allowing Muslims.

    The problem lies in the koran, and there is no way out of that.

  3. Lets hope this video does not disappear from existence like the documentary “edge of the city” made in 2003 and dealing with Muslim child sex gangs in the UK.It has according to channel 4 been “archived” and is no longer available on their documentary site.It has also gone fro youtube.All that remains of this hour long documentary is a 9 minute discussion on youtube.I think perhaps some lefty leaning channel 4 multiculti must have archived it behind a filling cabinet somewhere it will never be found.I would say copy these important videos to your hardrive Do not rely on youtube as their political censors are removing videos for the most trivial reasons recently.
    aTubeCatcher is free and will download any youtube video to your hardrive.

  4. DP 11 I personally do not care what they teach in these schools as long as their is no child abuse. I am opposed to that. However, as a vegetarian I am certainly opposed to the eating of halal meat. I would urge most people in this blog who are meat eaters to only eat meat that they know is not halal. If you go to your local KFC etc they will serve you halal. Meat eaters even on this blog are funding sharia and islam by eating meat that is halal out of ignorance or more accurately speaking lazy ignorance whereby they do not care to research the origin of the meat they consume. Go veggie to be hundred percent safe in not funding islam or if not make sure you know what you eat is not halal. Halal meat is cruel. Go to youtube and see a video called THIS IS HALAL. The cow has its jugular cut but the spinal column is intact and it sees itself for minutes bleeding to death and wanting to scream but is unable to do so as the vocal cords are cut also.One of the worst videos for cruelty on the web. Educate yourselves on the issue of halal meat and stop funding islam.

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