Sarkozy is latest to say multiculturalism has failed

From France 24

Sarkozy is latest to say multiculturalism has failed

French President Nicolas Sarkozy declared multiculturalism a failed concept and called for a renewed focus on France’s “identity” when he appeared on TV Thursday evening to answer questions from French citizens.

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AFP – French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Thursday declared that multiculturalism had failed, joining a growing number of world leaders or ex-leaders who have condemned it.

“We have been too concerned about the identity of the person who was arriving and not enough about the identity of the country that was receiving him,” he said in a television interview in which he declared the concept a “failure.”

British Prime Minister David Cameron last month pronounced his country’s long-standing policy of multiculturalism a failure, calling for better integration of young Muslims to combat home-grown extremism.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Australia’s former prime minister John Howard and former Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar have also in recent months said multicultural policies have not successfully integrated immigrants.

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11 Replies to “Sarkozy is latest to say multiculturalism has failed”

  1. The politicians are getting afraid for their jobs, they are starting to pay attention to the voters, nationalism is once again becoming politically correct. Good patriotism is needed badly and will be needed more over the next few decades.

  2. Yes it seems that they are all running scared. Nothing wakes up a member of the political class as the likely prospect of unemployment.

  3. In december 2010, Canada’s brilliant Ken Dryden, liberal hack, senator for life, big salary and big pension, said that Canada is aspecial country because of multiculturalism.

    Now, is this a whore or is this a whore?

  4. The zeitgeist has changed among the ruling classes. Now what will they do about it now they have publicly said it. More of the same or will their be some real changes.

  5. All these politicians are saying that MC has failed. But are they going to do anything about it, or is just speech to assuage a public that is fed up with Islam.

    Or are they going to re-double their efforts to make MC more successful?

  6. I realised multiculturalism had failed in Scotland when i was physically attacked by a group of young Pakistani muslim men for the 5th time for no reason apparent to me,other than being an infidel.

  7. Shirl I know what you mean, I have been saying it will do nothing but cause violence since the 1970s when it started, but as usual no one listened.

  8. The whole idea was utterly stupid. We now have countries within countries and instead of leaving trouble behind them to start a new life, they bring that trouble with them and start it afresh.

    Idiocy !!

  9. You got that right, all any of the PC crowd had to do was look at the Balkans to realize what they were creating, but no they were too arrogant, after all they are special and can do what no one has been able to do before.

    The left was sure they could ride this tiger and stay in power by playing identity politics, here in the states you see the Dems, (the left) making deals with black leaders and Hispanic leaders to get their support. This works for a while but eventually the groups wise up and start looking out for themselves, which means they leave the left to vote in the best interest of the individuals. Once they start doing this they start melting into the base culture, while bringing along parts of their culture.

    The US until the late 1960s made it national policy to insure assimilation into the base culture, the group that has taken the longest to assimilate is the Blacks and they for the most part came over as unwilling immigrants. All other groups including most of the Hispanics came to the US wanting to assimilate and become Americans, live the American dream and be patriotic citizens. That was until the Moslems and some leftist Hispanics showed up, the Moslems are insisting on imposing Sharia (yes I know not all Moslems are doing this but a significant percentage is and the rest aren’t coming out and opposing them.) and the radical left Hispanics want to take the Southwest and create a new nation. The only reason these Hispanics are a danger is that they are bringing in more immigrants illegally then the US can assimilate, this is leading to culture clashes and violence as some of the illegals go into the drug trade. The Hispanic problem will be handled, probably peacefully if we can get politicians that will close our southern border to illegal immigration. The Moslems on the other had are a very clear and present danger that are going to change the US no matter who wins. To win the fight against Sharia and Islam the US is going to have to change some of its founding principles, and that will mean that future generations will face the problem of new leftists wanting to change things using the current war as a precedent.

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