Now they’re coming after priests. The anti-ethnic indigenous European multi-culturalists are on the witch hunt again. KGS

NOTE: H/T Henrik Clausen, who notes: “Yes, article 67 of our Constitution guarantees freedom of worship. On the condition that nothing contrary to “decency and the public order is taught”. He invoked that last clause to state that what the Iranian Revolutionary Guard does (they’re behind this project) is against the public order.  That includes death threats, assaults and killings in a variety of countries. So, reported to the police. The Public Prosecutor will have to look at it.”

Bredballe-priest reported for racism

Vejle: The priest in Bredballe, Rolf Slot-Henriksen, has been reported to the Danish police for racism. This was done by Social Democrat Jonas Bjørn Jensen, a member of the Copenhagen City Council.

In January, the priest sent a letter to the members of the Copenhagen City Council. In the letter, he warned politicians against approving a Planning Act which permits the construction of two mosques in the capital. This proposal is to be considered this Thursday.

The Copenhagen Police must now decide whether Rolf Slot-Henriksen has violated a racism statute in the Danish penal code.

The priest from Bredballe has sent the letter as a parish priest, and the Copenhagen politician, believes he has misused his position to bolster his argument.

Rolf Slot-Henriksen, among other things, said that the mosque is an invitation to battle to death, and backs his assertions with Quranic quotations.

According to Jonas Bjørn Jensen, the pastor also uses the Constitutional clause on freedom of religion to argue against approving the mosques.


  1. Everyone who values freedom should remember what the Turkish PM said not too long ago: “Minarets are the bayonets of Islam.”

    This has been a symbol ever since the first ones were built around 1,000 years ago. Let us not forget that when Islam settles in your neighborhood, it will take over. By Islam I really mean those who follow Islam an no-one else. Without believers, Islam would merely be a word with no meaning.

    I stand behind every priest, every monk and nun, every person who understands that Islam is a threat to world peace and world freedom.

    It must be stopped from spreading. Stopping mosques from being built, especially at Ground Zero, is one sure way of seeing that it is. Stopping the hajri is another.

  2. Betraying of and fulminating against own ‘race’ is racist. If you do’nt understand that it is cultures that clash… ‘racist’ pulls the plug out, so the ‘objective’ tv can go on being morally superior, while thinking no more, did they ever?, and therefore presuming to be progressive (towards the abyss).
    Orwell was, is and shall be right, because of the stoopers for islam, the religion of ‘peace’. Go selling out your country. ‡ go tell it on the mountain

  3. Evidently the Priest has more backbone than the weak willed political class, who will grovel and let their country and countrymen continue the curse of the expansion of the Islamic Caliphate.

  4. Big Frank it is the ordinary people of Europe that are going to save Europe from Islam, the ruling elite looks down on them and ignores them but will discover that in the end they owe their lives to them.

  5. Write to that scumbag traitor Jonas Bjørn Jensen and tell him:



    Not to mention that a cute young thing like him would be RAPED in a Muslim-dominant country.

    Freaking moron slitting his own throat and that of the rest of us. He should be stopped.

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