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4 Replies to “UKIP member ponders regime change for England”

  1. Brief, direct, and right on point. Yes how much BS, deceit, and lies must the citizens of the UK endure before they say ” We’re mad as hell,we have had enough, and we’re not going to take it any more”?

  2. Take note. The British people are already on the street shouting they have had enough. The EDL (English Defence League) has emerged as the leading anti ‘Islamization’ voice of Britain. Their leader, Tommy Robinson, is what a leader must be to face this evil. The EDL is an example for the world to follow. Time for the CDL (Canadian Defence League) to come out of the shadows. . .

  3. Eeyore, start small, one town or small city, stay peaceful as long as possible and be prepared for the press and politicians to attack you, Tommy will know how and so will the leaders of the TEA party movement.

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