Muslim Brotherhood Wants War With Israel

Has even one person in the media stopped to ask a leftist or a Muslim leader why any group or organization would actually desire war with a neighbouring country? How anyone can consider that policy to be healthy or just or acceptable?



Mohamed Ghanem, one of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, calls Egypt to stop pumping gas to Israel and prepare the Egyptian army for a war with it’s eastern neighbor.

Speaking with Iranian television station Al-Alam, Mohamed Ghanem blamed Israel for supporting Hosni Mubarak’s regime. Ghanem also said that the Egyptian police and army won’t be able to stop the Muslim Brotherhood movement.

There are doubts about the loyalty of the Egyptian army to president Mubarak. If the brotherhood takes control over Egypt, it will be very messy from the whole region.

In the meantime, EUR/USD , GBP/USD other pairs have enjoyed the relative calm in the Egyptian crisis and regained most of their losses on Friday. An escalation will send them down, and will strengthen the dollar, yen and Swiss franc.

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4 Replies to “Muslim Brotherhood Wants War With Israel”

  1. The Moslem Brotherhood wants war with Israel because that is the only way to regain all the land of the Turkish Empire, they will then go to war against Spain, Portugal, France and Italy because the Moslems use to control parts of those nations. They believe that they are ordained to rule the world and want to full fill the mission given them by Mohammad.

  2. I read on how the unrest in Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia and Lebanon are actually being promoted by friends and background supporters of Barak Obama. The Muslim Brotherhood are the workers of Iran. It is surprising how the events are tracking the list of nations in Psalms 83. There will be a unified overthrow of all of the moderate Islamic nations. Watch out Jordan, and Saudi Arabia your next on the list.

  3. Jordan already has unrest and there are protesters verbally attacking the Queen, Jordan may end up falling before Egypt. Saudi knows they are on the list and are working to try keep the House of Saud in power after the Caliphate is reformed. The war with Israel will come as soon as the Moslem Brotherhood controls Egypt and Jordan, the Saudi’s have a lot of US military equipment but won’t contribute that many men to the fight, and given what is happening they may attack Israel along with the reforming Caliphate to keep the house of Saud in power.

    Here in the States we are limited in the information that we receive on what is happening in the Middle East, especially since the news organizations have trouble keeping up with more then one or at most two stories at a time. Stateside those are Obama and his stupidity, and Egypt.

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