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2 Replies to “Toronto freedom for Egypt rally hijacked by…”

  1. The real issues are: 1) Too many Canadians hate the US and 2) We have too many (arab) muslims in the country.

    A country that exports at least 2/3 of its goods to one country cannot be taken seriously.

    Our academics and media have brainwashed too many Canadians to hate the USA and are purposefully ignorant of islam. I wish these academics would live in the muslim jungle for one year. But they will come back telling us lies. Many are on the payroll of the saudies.

    The biggest liars and hypocrites are the muslims living in Canada – stolen from the indians to make way for country clubs and a govt to opress them ( you could easily make that case) while these arab muslims criticize Jews for doing just that. Jews are reclaiming their right to claimand fight for their land. And the muslims are ignorant of the history of this country.

    The white boy lefties? This is the future of the country.

    And the future is not too rosy.

  2. Infidel Guy your statements about what is wrong with Canada is true about most countries, to an extent even the US, the only thing the schools bother to teach about our history is the bad things that happened none of the good. Welcome to the world the left has created for us.

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