The Tundra Tabloids reported a couple of weeks ago on the Finnish heavy metal gig called Crushing the Balls of Muhammad” that took place this Friday, and it seems that the event led to not only threats from ‘offended’ Muslims, but also the police were called in to investigate the claim that a Koran was desecrated on stage by one of the bands playing at the event.

The Tundra Tabloids came across the following series of comments by one of the organizers of the event, Jari-Petri Heino, who mentions the following in a post and in the comment thread, about what took place. KGS

Finland is a Muslim heaven

The heavy-metal event organized by Muutos2011rp created an emotional outburst by “the offended” even before the actual event began, and even fear of a possible future terrorist attack. The event itself got moving in large numbers by mainly young people interested in music, but, as it tends to be in Finnish contemporary society, offending Islam took on tragicomic features.

Already in advance the rental agencies for the gig were threatened that if the Islamic sacred values were violated, the place would have its electricity cut off.

Personally, I had to leave the place for technical reasons already by 23:00, but then apparently something began to happen. The police arrived and police-TV (reality program), because obviously the last band defiled the Koran in some way. Muslims were not spotted in the area.

Because I was no longer present, I don’t exactly know. The Koran was desecrated in some way.
I myself am partly responsible for this horrible crime, because I saw in the band’s changing room, a pile of paper from the Koran that had Arabic writing, that had already been desecrated on numerous occasions. It seems that I should have called the police to the site back then.  =)


  1. A few years ago, I watched Sam Dunn’s Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey, and after I saw how Scandinavian black-metal band members seemed so determined to burn to the ground Christian churches, on the pretext of “returning Scandinavia to its Viking, non-Christian roots”, I wondered why they didn’t show that kind of sentiment towards something way more alien to that region than churches and Christianity could ever be: mosques and mahoundianism.

    A metal gig isn’t a mosque-burning movement, but at least it shows that not everyone in the Scandinavian metal scene is cowering in terror over the possibility of “hurting mahoundian feelings”, as those church-burners sure must be.

  2. Like those who fought the Nazis just prior to WWII with satire, criticism and music, these metal bands are criticizing Islam and rightfully so.

    Islam is so backwards, totalitarian and oppressive that its a wonder why people stay. Oh yeah, its because of the death fatwa against apostates.

    Its ironic then that these dark metal bands who sing about death so much would protest a cult that actually practices what bangers would never like to see: death to those who want freedom.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if this sort of thing spread to the rest of the free world?

    And wouldn’t it be nice if the leaders of the west weren’t prosecuting those who speak the truth about Islam?

    I can dream, can’t I? Or is that not allowed anymore?

    May the west and pro-freedom bangers prevail.

  3. At last the heavy metal crew have found something that is dangerous. It was all posing in safety up to now and they were thought of as humourous by the sophisticats but this is different. They have crossed the line into the possibiltiy of getting killed. Good for them. May their god Satan guide them into the correct path to the crushing of the testicle of the peadophile prophet (pork chops be upon him).

  4. The Muslims were worried that “Islamic sacred values were violated”. I would ask any one of them to point out or tell me what even one Islamic sacred value is and where it can be found. What is even more weird is that me, a terminal old fart with a chronic case of Frank Sinatraism is in complete sympathy with a heavy metal group.

  5. All manner of so called heavy-metal, satanic or goth cultural elements are morally weak and bankrubt and will never, ever attack Islam on a large scale: Because just like the Satan of European folklore these people are lazy cowards.

    I will expect more balls from the Christian and Liberal elements within western civilisation then from a bunch of moral deviants.

  6. Things are getting interesting, welcome to the beginning of the underground fight against the Moslem invaders. And I am only half joking, given what is going on in the Middle East I expect Europe to explode sometime this year.

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