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4 Replies to “Thilo Sarazin BBC clip: 9 points for immigration reform”

  1. http://news.nationalpost.com/2011/01/20/man-faces-jail-after-protecting-home-from-masked-attackers/

    I’m glad that I got my news a while ago… theblaze.com deleted my crossposted link of your story… check out this comment from the NP thread..


    5:00 PM on January 22, 2011

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    Nobody is thinking about, or sticking up for the chicken that was killed for trespassing. This is not right and not one animal protester or vegetarian has stepped up to the plate to make this point. We don’t even know if the chicken may have been subjected to some ill-treatment (personal pleasure?) by the gunman. This needs to be investigated (unless the huskies disposed of the evidence). Either we can pass laws to protect innocent (if locationally misguided) chickens or perhaps they could somehow be equipped to shoot back. Grants to technology universities that specialise in robotics spring to mind. This would even up the stakes considerably and no-one would casually just shoot one in cold blood. There must be a government department that could take up the fight ( of course they must be properly funded and staffed and equipped with the correct language skills for Canada) and bring this whole sorry saga to a just resolution – as we live in a just society, (at least we did in 1968). Chickens should be allowed to cross the road without fear or favour. Its the mark of a civilized society.

  2. He is a member of the social democratic party, but he left politics some years ago to become banker and does not want to be a part of it any longer. They even threatened to kick him outta the party, so i can understand why he doesn’t actually feel like doing it. There were some quite nasty attacks on him. They called him names from fascist to anti-semite and every stupid meaningless word in between, probably because they lacked better arguments, even reknown news outlets tended to name-calling at some point in the so called debate. It’s better if he sticks to german language, i can’t listen to his thick accent with a straight face^^

  3. He may be in trouble with the MSM over there but he is going to gain followers in the ordinary people who are afraid of what the Moslems are doing. In many ways what he is doing is what Dick Army did when the TEA parties started, he was out of politics because he Republicans were going away from conservatism, once the TEA parties started he came out and started helping them. As far as the calling him fascist goes, that is what the liberals in and out of the MSM do when you don’t toe the party line.

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