Powerful bomb found on the MLK route in Spokane Washinton.

Terrorism is terrorism and clearly that is what this was meant to be. It seems under reported to me considering how they say this backpack might be powerful enough to take down a building. But then a local Ottawa High school, Glebe I believe it was, has had two bomb scares that required a full evacuation this week and it wasn’t reported anywhere.

It seems to take a lot more than this to make for news these days.

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2 Replies to “Powerful bomb found on the MLK route in Spokane Washinton.”

  1. The reports I read say they are looking at white supremacist groups, but I can’t remember them doing anything like this before, and the remote detonation part is a lot like the IED’s in Iraq. I would like to know more about what type of explosives were used, the type of remote detonating device and what was used to be the shrapnel after detonation? All of the above would tell us a lot about the person or people that build the bomb.

    Ok clip two gave some better info, it was a large pipe bomb with wire, this is one of the easiest bombs to build, the hard part is getting a detonation cap to cause the explosive to explode. The fact that it didn’t have any anti-tamper devices build in says that the person building the bomb was probably an amateur who knew he couldn’t build one with out risking premature detonation. This says the person doing the building is smart, the reason the various bombs of our home grown terrorists either go off early or don’t go off is they try to build a complicated device. In complicating the detonator they increase the probability it won’t go off.

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