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18 Replies to “Christian Copts protest Egypt in Australia.”

  1. It looks like the Copts are deciding that they can’t make matter worse by telling the truth so they are going to come out and try protesting. I hope this catches on all around the world.

  2. It was a terrific rally. I was there in support of my Copt friend. Sergio was with me and another friend

    Our esteemed PM and her Foreign Minister, deemed it unnecessary to even send a message of support,

    We endured a few very nondescript speeches. Then the Rev Fred Nile stood up and wow he let fly. Though that’s not unusual for Fred. He is always very open with his thoughts, shame he is retiring this year. he’s the person who tried to get a burqa ban passed in the NSW State parliament

    Prior to him standing up to speak, us three were waiting for one person to say the M word. Well Fred did and gave an impassioned speech

    Then all hell let loose with the next speaker. Also an elected parliamentarian, he fired with both barrels blaring, though from what I am told he is also somewhat of an antisemite

    The police closed a street in the city for a march to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

  3. Shirl, that was David Clarke. I was most impressed, and while it’s amazing that the Copts got up and “spoke truth to power”, it’s a damned shame that it’s taken a massacre at a church to bring them to this.

  4. Nilk.. it has just been confirmed that he is a RAVING ANTISEMITE. He is extreme right and has caused quite a problem for the NSW Liberal Party

    Fo those of you who aren’t Australian, the Liberal Party is our right, not left as it is in N. America

  5. Vlad, it was very well organised. Every was told it was a day of mouring and had to act respectfully. They wer told only Australian flag and only to speak English

    They were all given a list of chants and NO others

  6. What stories Richard?

    I posted a bit above.

    Nilk. Sorry, the person who told me about David Clarke was talking about another David Clarke

  7. Actually Nilk. I take that back. I just did a search on him and what I found it is the man I saw on Wednesday and he is ultra right wing and accused a bit of a rift in the Liberal Party

  8. If the worlds Christians actually went and impaled themselves on Muslim swords they would be called racist for making a mess and staining the handle.

  9. Not here Richard

    It’s a bit weird as it has had no media coverage other than on SBS, which is our ‘multicultural’ channel

  10. Then they are trying to do what the US MSM tried to do with the TEA Parties, they ignoring the protests hoping the lack of publicity will kill them. What it did over here was to ensure that the protesters came out more often trying to let the politicians know how they felt. This and the attacks by the MSM after they started covering the TEA Party protests translated into a major victory for conservatives, and it we can keep the protests going and keep the people politically active the 2012 elections will be another major defeat for big government.

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