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6 Replies to “While regisered hate crimes around the world are overwhelmingly against Jews and Christians, look at what UBC is teaching.”

  1. Hate crimes against Jews and Christians are politically correct, that means they are ignored. If I am remembering the FBI stats correctly hate crimes against Moslems are at the bottom of the list, with the fewest crimes on the list.

  2. How would one even begin trying to talk sense to a young person who had just taken one of these courses? How would you not sound like an irrational whack-job claiming that these PhDs are simply lying – that the prestigious academic institution is being used for enemy propaganda, and that it’s all part of a communist plot? Hey…that does sound crazy. It’s hopeless, isn’t it? As long as the leftists have this kind of control of the universities, they have control of the “truth”, and that’s final.

  3. Chris you can’t talk sense to them, the best you can do is tell them a few facts and request that they do some research on their own. This problem is aggravated by the way the schools indoctrinate the students in Marxism rather then teaching the facts and teaching the kids to think for themselves.
    Welcome to the world the left has created for us.

  4. How can you tell someone to research something when they have just finished a university course in that very subject? How can you blame them for thinking they might know something about a subject they are majoring in at a prestigious university? The lefties own the truth, just as surely as Adolph Hitler or Chairman Mao.

  5. That is a problem, you may want to start by asking them how many of the books were critical of Islam? If they say none ask why one half of the debate was ignored, I try that and sometimes get people to start thinking for themselves. Not all of them, not even most of them but some, the more intelligent ones. It is too early in the war to expect to get the majority of the kids to agree with us, but everyone we convince will start working on others they know and eventually the majority will agree with us.

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