Ethnic cleansing in Luton

British media, determined to cling to the narrative that Islam is a race and thereby, use the language of actual racism when it isn’t the case and also target actual races when it has exactly nothing at all to do with race, here interview both black and white people in England who are being targeted for violent harassment, and who suspect it is to force them from the area that some have lived in for over 50 years.

I wonder who could be doing this and why?

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  1. Nothing new to report here, I’m afraid.

    Just after WWII (you know, the war that was supposed to defeat fascism in Europe?), the British government in its infinite “wisdom” decided to allow thousands of immigrants into the UK from so-called third world countries. In order to do this, they had to force native-born citizens from their homes to be replaced by these immigrants.

    The same thing happened during the late 1960s and early 70s when the first wave of Muslim immigrants arrived. I know of more than one British citizen who had to emigrate from there to my country to escape being forced from their homes during that time.

    That the government is doing the same and replacing non-Muslim citizens in Luton (who knows where else they are doing this) with Muslims is a testament to their policies of buying the immigrant vote at the expense of those who worked and in some cases fought to preserve the British way of life.

    Shame on the British government and the idiots in the department of immigration for continuing the practice of forcible evictions in order to let Muslims (among others) into an already impoverished country where the unemployment rates in many regions rival those in African countries.

    More to the point, shame on the British people for letting this get so out of hand.

    May the west prevail and Islam fail.

  2. I think this would be more religious cleansing rather then racial cleansing. This mess took a long time to create and will take an even longer time to clean up.

  3. Hmm, two blacks and a white couple, strange racists these, very particular.
    But the inevitable consequence of mass immigration.
    The police are taking it seriously, even if that’s true the punishment will be laughable.
    Funny how the left’s policies: mass immigration, criminals and races are victims of the “hegemon” and all that drivel, are now working against the very people they champion verbally.
    But then why does that surprise me, when did the Left ever view individuals as anything more than a cog in the fantasy machine, expendable unto death.

  4. What is most vile is that it is obvious they are targeted only because they are elderly.

    I have noticed that a lot of single target attacks I have read of on are against the elderly. Acts of cruelty against the non muslim elderly take place all across the islamic map.

    Why do muslims get off on killing old people?

  5. The left has always considered the individual to be disposable, that is why they have a two tiered medical system in all nations they control. They want all of the medical advances to keep them alive for a long time, but the ordinary people are suppose to die in their early 60s so they won’t be a “drag” on the economy. The real reason is that the less they have to pay out in retirement benefits the more they have to buy votes to remain in power.

  6. The Moslems are raiders and terrorists at heart, both groups go for the soft targets until they have enough numbers to fight the people that are the hard targets.

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