Nothing like finding an honest Muslim

H/T to Ismael
Its like a cool drink of water on a hot day when you can find a Muslim actually teaching Islam as it was meant to be, without trying to anaesthetize the infidel.

Spread this one around please. This is unadulterated Islam. The genuine article. Not moderate, not extreme, just what it is.

British salafi Abu Mounisa – The Islamic Awakening Conference

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6 Replies to “Nothing like finding an honest Muslim”

  1. An American cowboy, a Native American and a Muslim were talking together. The Native American said..”Once we were many – now we are few”. The Muslim replied saying “Once we were few – now we are many”.
    The Cowboy said….”That’s because we haven’t played cowboys and Muslims yet”!
    There is many a true word spoken in jest. The incumbent Muslims who wish to change the society of Britain have not yet received the wrath of the British. They do not understand what we are capable of. The safety valve is still intact but I believe it is very close to bursting point.

  2. Arthur Lincoln I know what you are talking about, it use to be said that if you scratched an Englishman you found a pirate, it was also said that the English made a fetish out of looking like you could knock them over with a feather, and if you looked hard enough and long enough you would find one. Being non politically correct I can state that in my opinion genetics play a very important role in behavior, the Brits and the Germans are starting to revert to type. The Brits are the ones that conquered over half of the world, and the Germans are the ones that put murder on an assembly line, the Moslems had better look out hell is about to open its doors to welcome them.

  3. Richard we in the UK are blessed with honest spokesman for Islam. They are on the side of the counterjihad. They tell it like it is and noone can accuse them of racism or islamphobia despite their kuffarphobia rants.

  4. arabconqueredpersian you are lucky, we have a couple including one former terrorists who lecture about and write columns about how evil the jihadists are, and how the jihadists are the true face of Islam. The problem is that the MSM ignores him and most people ignore the blogs that report the truth, we are gaining ground but slowly, we need someone to broadcast the truth over the big three networks and aren’t having much luck finding some journalists working for the big three honest enough to tell the facts.

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