Open Letter from Egyptian Copt. to Egyptian president. Posted by Request

Hosni Mubarak: “President DAMAGE CONTROL”

Dear Brothers and sisters in Humanity,

As you maybe aware, some of our peace loving Muslims, (supposed fellow humans) have devised a new method of welcoming the New Year and decade. Their method is rather unique, as it is a very new means of celebration. An improvised “Islamic firework” designed to murder and not delight.
The Improvised “Islamic Firework” was created solely for the Coptic Church in Alexandria and took the form of a high powered explosive.
The indigenous Copts were victims of radical Islamic extremist terrorists that killed 22 people and injured 79 Saturday 1/1/2011 12.30am after celebrating Mass on New Years Eve.
“The victims weren’t leaving a night club after a night of wild rebelling and celebration, drunk and high on drugs. They were leaving a holy place of worship after celebrating the New Year with the grace of God almighty”

To add insult to injury, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, “President Damage Control”, quickly engaged in rhetoric blaming external forces for the vile sinister barbaric ungodly attack perpetrated by his fellow Muslim brothers in Alexandria.

I note dear President Damage control did not mention that fabricated Islamic lies in EGYPT are solely behind this act of butchery on innocent God fearing people.

Sadly the cheap Islamic rhetoric did not end there,
Hezbollah (an Islamic terrorists organization) had the repulsive audacity and indignation to claim the attack “comes as part of the most dangerous conspiracies aimed at religious diversity in more than one Arab and Muslim country to serve the Zionist scheme in occupied Palestine and the American scheme aimed at fragmenting our Arab and Islamic countries.”
The words of this barbaric Islamic sect are a disgrace, another Islamic lie “Taqqiya” and an opportunity they could not pass up, they use this horrific incident committed by their vile Islamic brothers into a “Cheap attack on the innocent Jewish Nation of Israel”. Islamic lying is alive and well, flourishing in the Islamic world.

President Damage Control, you are a failure. You assurances of guaranteed security for the Copts have proved to be hollow worthless words, and resulted in Coptic families mourning and burying their loved ones rather than celebrate the New Year.

President Damage Control, I remind you that your government sent an army of 5000 armed security officers on 24 November 2010 to storm a Coptic church “over the use of the building” and resulted in the murder of 4 Copts and 23 of my Coptic brothers are still been detained with out charge.

President Damage Control you security forces, instead of storming a church & “firing live ammunition at unarmed Copts”, they should have been working tirelessly on hunting down radical islamists terrorists not terrorizing innocent Christians who were deceived by your governor over the use of a building as a church prior to the attack?

President Damage Control on that note, “why are my Coptic brothers still been held in custody????

President Damage Control, “What did they do other than react to a brutal onslaught by your Islamist security forces chanting the Islamic war cry “Alah Akubar” ?????
We have all seen the video, so forget denying it and spare us the bull****.
Just in case you have not seen the video here it is again, rest assured these are not Hollywood actors, these are your employees, your security force, your Islamic community. Out of curiosity “Did you take any action against them???”

President Damage Control, again I reiterate you are a failure, in light of the open threats made against the Coptic Church, “Why the hell were your security forces not investigating the threats that led to the “PREMEDITATED” planned bomb attack that specifically targeted our Coptic families?

President Damage Control, there is no doubt this vile barbaric Islamic attack proves your security intelligence are a failure and it is emerging “they are complicate in this premeditated attack.” This video clearly shows Muslim youth working in calibration with your security forces attacking and inciting the Copts during the military style attack on the church on 24 November 2010

President Damage Control, it is emerging “You had no intention of ensuring the safety of the Copts”, the Coptic community is fully aware that the Church that was attacked “received two letters, 2 days prior to the attack stating “we have a special gift for you” The letters were immediately sent to the Egyptian security forces with a plea for additional security. The best they could do was sending FOUR security officers to protect the church. This is disgraceful; you have failed to protect the people you have been entrusted with as the leader of the nation. What action did they take to track the source of the letters, or are they too stupid and incompetent for that task????

President Damage Control, those responsible for internal security must be made accountable for their dereliction of duty and negligence. This travesty could have been averted. Where is the safety of the Copts you personally promised?

President Damage control, as you are aware “Camellia Shehata has publicly confirmed her Christian faith, and publicly stated she has never converted to Islam, and they are lies and an exercise at brainwashing the Islamic community”. Here is the video again for the whole world to see. It proves that sectors of the Islamic community in Egypt are the masters of lies, deception and divisiveness.

President Damage Control, In light of the outright denial of conversion, “why did you allow “Salafi Sheikhs in Egypt to publicly spread theses unfounded allegations and convince thousands of ignorant Muslims in Egypt and abroad of their fabrications?”

President Damage Control, Can you explain to me and the whole world why you allowed the Islamic lies “taqqiya to be propagated unencumbered in the land of Egypt under your watch with no official response or reprimand?

President Damage Control If you seriously think there is no problem with Islamic extremism in Egypt, I hate to disappoint you and suggest you watch you’re your Islamic Egyptian brothers in the Islamic state of Egypt in action, “they abuse our Pope in the most derogatory terms whilst your security force watch and provide them with protection from offended Copts”

President Damage Control, in light of the latter video exactly what national unity are you talking about????

President Damage Control, Why have you allowed these weekly demonstrations (as a direct result of the Islamic lies started by your vile Islamic brothers in Egypt) for 17 consecutive weeks to take place with no action from YOUR SECURITY FORCES?

President Damage Control, Was your inaction because “it appeased your radical Islamic brothers taking to the streets 17 weeks running” leading up to the November election??

President Damage Control, Why is it these demonstrations took place after Islamic Friday prayers where they openly attack His Holiness Pope Shenouda III & the Coptic church in the most vile and disgraceful manner?” Surely no Islamic Sheik would incite them!!!!!!!!!!

President Damage Control, “If you were the subject of these demonstrations, “what response would you have instructed?”  (You would have come down on them like a Sharp Sword as you did when the Muslim brotherhood demonstrated against you and your son Gamal in the lead up to the elections in Nov 2010, you arrested 1200).

President Damage Control, “I hate to disappoint you and prove your comments as foolish, the world is aware the attacks against the Coptic Church “were as a direct result of lies and fabrications relating to the alleged conversions and started in Egypt and not any foreign land”, does the truth hurt or is it too difficult to deal with?

President Damage Control, for so long as you engage in damage control rhetoric, you are effectively shielding the screwed up barbaric Islamic monkeys and condoning future attacks against the Copts. Don’t waste your time, the cat is out of the bag and the whole world will be made aware of the truth and your dismal failings.

President Damage Control, if you are incapable of running the country and not up to the job do us all a favor and stand down, “allow a true leader to take control”, you have failed miserably to deal with radical warped barbaric Egyptian born and bred Islamic homegrown terrorists living in your midst.

President Damage Control, for so long as you continue to deny there is a real fanatical extremist radical element within the Egyptian Muslim community you are unfit to be a leader.

President Damage Control, please disengage from the rubbish talk that ebbs from your mouth as it sickens the world and makes you look like a fool,” how much persecution and Coptic blood will be shed under your watch?

President Damage Control, the whole world knows Egypt is the mother of Islamic terrorism started by the Egyptian born and Hitler loving Al Banna founder of the Muslim brotherhood in 1928.

President Damage Control, how in God’s Holy name can you call for “national unity and brotherhood”, when your barbaric constitution and legal system discriminates against the non Muslim community in Egypt? Fix the laws, constitution and legal system and the people might take you seriously.

President Damage Control, “are you suggesting, “that in the wake of this bastardly attack the Copts unit with their Muslim brothers and accept their second class status despite been the native indigenous Egyptians?

President Damage Control, I would hope you have the decency to accept that the Coptic community are enraged, hurt, bleeding and crying our for Justice, and your security forces will exercise total restraint when dealing with Copts venting their anger during demonstrations”

President Damage Control, “I also expect your government under your WATCH, will deploy security forces in mass to protect every single church especially during Christmas celebrations on 7 January 2011”.

President Damage Control, “It is high time you act against every dog that incited this attack by propagating fabricated lie filled stories of alleged conversion by two women.”

President Damage Control, “I dare say had you dealt with the bastards that propagated the lies; the attack could have been averted”.

President Damage Control, please watch this video
In case you are unaware, there is a large portion of the Egyptian Islamic community are hell bent on killing every Christian from the Middle East or driving them out, surely as leader of Egypt you are privy to this information!!! Have you seen the video by the islamists dog Wagdi Ghomeni?????

President Damage Control, I would add, that my article is not meant to offend the peaceful and god fearing non violent respectable members of the Islamic community. I am fully aware many in the Islamic world are hurt and aggrieved by the actions of their sick and demented radical Islamic brothers.

President Damage Control, This acts whilst costing precious Christian lives, it is also totally destroying any notion that Islam in any way represents peace. The world wide condemnation and rejection of Islam “as a peaceful religion” is been fuelled solely by “the radical Islamic members of the Muslim community that mastermind these vile acts.

President Damage Control, “it is the duty of the Islamic world to deal with their unruly barbaric, animalistic, stone age. Prehistoric fundamentalist Islamic brothers”

President Damage Control, the onus is on the Islamic community to protect their own faith, ISLAM, the Koran, the Hadith and sunnas from perversion by members of the Islamic community”

President Damage Control, incase you are not aware; Islam is at the fore front of world wide condemnation as a direct result of the actions of the radical inhumane barbarians in the Islamic community and no other reason.

President Damage Control, if you are offended by my words, please tell me what reaction or course of action I should adopt in the wake of this animalistic attack perpetrated by Islamic animals against the Coptic community?

President Damage Control, “As you have called for Egyptian unity and solidarity, I call on you and every Egyptian Minister and the Egyptian Muslim community to stand in solidarity with the Copts and lead by example and sign the petition condemning this vile barbaric act.

President Damage Control, If you are aggrieved by my reference “President Damage Control”, it was inspired by the failings of your security and intelligence forces, and the cheap rhetoric you personally engaged in subsequent to the attack, and the cheap attempts to distance Egyptian Muslims from this barbaric attack. Your comments are untruthful and do not reflect a respect for the deceased..

President Damage Control, the days of the Copts been persecuted and killed, unnoticed by the world community are well and truly over. The Chorus of world wide condemnation is still echoing throughout the world, here are a few examples for your information.

Pope Benedict XVI led condemnation of the attack. In his homily at New Year’s Day mass, he spoke of mounting tensions, “especially discrimination, abuse and religious intolerance which are today striking Christians in particular”. “I once again launch a pressing appeal not to give in to discouragement and resignation,” he said, appealing for the “concrete and constant engagement of leaders of nations” to protect Christians. The

Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Fuad Twal called on Christians to show courage in the face of the attack. Condemnation and condolences also flowed from across the Middle East.

US President Barack Obama last night condemned separate “outrageous terrorist bombing attacks” in Egypt and Nigeria and said the US was prepared to assist both countries in responding to them. “The perpetrators of this attack were clearly targeting Christian worshipers, and have no respect for human life and dignity. They must be brought to justice for this barbaric and heinous act,” he said.
“The United States extends its deepest condolences to the families of those killed and to the wounded in both of these attacks, and we stand with the Nigerian and Egyptian people at this difficult time,” Mr. Obama said

British junior foreign office minister Alistair Burt said “the world must be increasingly vigilant against such attacks, remain united in promotion of common values of tolerance and stand against the terrorist philosophy of violence”.
Russian President Medvedev In a message to his Egyptian counterpart Hosni Mubarak on Saturday severely condemned the New Year night’s terrorist bombing that killed 21 and injured close to 80 worshipers in a church in Egypt’s second city Alexandria.

President Damage Control, Finally my intention is not to offend you. As a Copt I am furious and disgusted that this attack was allowed to occurr despite your assurances. I am extremely angry at your verbal response and your unwillingness to accept responsibility and blame others for a crime committed by members of the egyptian muslim community, you are the commander and chief in egypt, as we say dow under “the buck stops with you sunshine”.
I am sorry I can not wish you a happy new year, as it is very distant from any resemblance to been a Happy new year for the Copts. It is infact a dark gloomy new year, tarnished with innocent Coptic Blood and has been turned into mourning rather than celebration.
I do however wish you well in tackling the barbaric animals that committed this crime.
The Coptic community is waiting for you to come down on them like a ton of bricks, arrest those animals, make an example of them, and publicly behead them.
Moderate Muslims would have us believe these animals have perverted the teachings of Islam, in addition to killing innocent Christians. Leave no Stone Unturned. Let the Punishment Fit the crime. You can always send them to Saudi Arabia, they will gladly behead these animals for you.

Your Sincerely
Assad Elepty

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14 Replies to “Open Letter from Egyptian Copt. to Egyptian president. Posted by Request”

  1. He’s a good friend of mine and YES he is very distressed to see the wholesale slaughter of the oldest Christians in the ME

  2. I will never forgive Menahem Begin for agreeing to the surrender of the Sinai to these two-legged muslim varmints. Especially after Israel developed the oil wells. The muslim varmints took it all, right up to the rocks of Eilat.

    I say invade with sleeping gas a la Pussy galore in Goldfinger.

    Hold the soldiers – both UN and Egypt – hostage and exchange for the Copts and gold.

    Israel needs it as a buffer zone and to be a true sovereign nation. The only country where non-muslims and homosexuals can live a normal life.

  3. This is an obvious coup of the Mossad… their networks being disabled in Lebanon they now turn to spread havoc in Egypt. Might God seize them in His might. Amen.

  4. Classic Muslim ‘jewdo’ by Vladia. When Muslims are busted for doing Muslim things like mass murdering Christians, they try and turn that rage generated by it onto the Jews.


  5. Infidel Guy you need to watch the movie again, Goldfinger had the canisters filled with nerve gas that would have killed the soldiers, you would have no hostages. Also in the real world sleep gas needs to be carefully monitored or you kill as many as you put to sleep. When the Russians used knock out gas in Moscow in the 90s they killed almost as many hostages as the terrorists did.

  6. Mubarak means with his call for ‘unity’ the unity of the islamic oema I presume and with ‘brotherhood’ he presumably means the Muslim-Brotherhood or otherwise the islamic brotherhood. So the Copts have nothing to expect from Mubarak nor from Barak Husein Obama who only confirmed the taqiyya-speakings of mr. Mubarak.
    It is time that all western nations stop their aid to this kind of countries and impose high taxes to goods etc. from this murderous regimes.

  7. I’m all for starting a charity: ‘Guns for Copts’. Get a relief force put together to deliver and train the copts in the use of their new weapons. Stage a relief fleet like the Mavi Mamara under the guise that we’re only delivering food and medicine while actually smuggling in guns and ammo (though the copts could probably use the food and medicine too to be honest).

    Use their Taquiyya and tactics against them. See how they like it.

    A lot of ya’ll say a lot, but until something’s done, it’s all just talk. I’m thinking of getting started right now.

  8. Chaz the only place they could accept the guns would be in the US Egypt and Europe would seize the guns and arrest the Copts.

  9. Hey Copts When it befell you , than you knew the real Pain , Although the muslim extremism is just a kind of label made in USA and Zionist Lobby including GB and Saudi Arabia..
    Is All this is done by the so called Muslims. Than Why don’t you revise their Background…OSAMA BIN LADEN The great Bastard Hero of the Century was Trained By the USA, SADDAM Was also a puppet of the USA, The All middle east presidnts are been dictated according to Wahabism Stupid laws ..(Actually for your information WAHHABISM was initially created and funded by the British Government. of THE GREAT ROYAL FAMILY…in order to Halt the Over Spreading Of Islam.) by Saudi King with the wahhabism frame

    Please feel how would the people of palestine suffering at the hands of Zionism .
    You you innocence showing how ignorant ou are by Praising Israel …. My brother this is your god JESUS showing you that you keep quite against the Oppressor the same will befall on you….

  10. Hey Copts When it befell you , than you knew the real Pain , Although the muslim extremism is just a kind of label made in USA and Zionist Lobby including GB and Saudi Arabia..
    Is All this is done by the so called Muslims. Than Why don’t you revise their Background…OSAMA BIN LADEN The great Bastard Hero of the Century was Trained By the USA, SADDAM Was also a puppet of the USA, The All middle east presidents are been dictated according to Wahhabism Stupid laws ..(Actually for your information WAHHABISM was initially created and funded by the British Government. of THE GREAT ROYAL FAMILY…in order to Halt the Over Spreading Of Islam.)

    Please feel how would the people of Palestine suffering at the hands of Zionism .
    Your innocence showing how ignorant you are by Praising Israel …. My brother this is your god JESUS showing you that if you keep quite against the Oppressor , the same will befall on you….

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