Muslim teenage girl takes out AVO over clash of cultures

From The Daily Telegraph:

A MUSLIM girl caught between her religion, her parents and wanting to be a typical Aussie teenager is at the centre of an apprehended violence order against her father after he found she had a boyfriend.

Police were called to the family home after the man threatened to kill himself and the 14-year-old girl when he discovered the boy in a room of their home, Parramatta Bail Court heard yesterday.

The man, who cannot be named, allegedly told police the relationship was disrespectful to Muslim culture and brought shame on his family in the Afghan community.

The court heard he tried to detain the boy in the early hours of New Year’s Day at the house in Blacktown.

The family called police because they were scared the father would kill the boy.

After police arrived, the man became enraged because they would not arrest the boy, who had been invited into the house by his daughter.

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  • He said the boyfriend would be killed if the incident happened in Afghanistan, the country he and his wife had emigrated from in 1998.

    “The accused then stated, as the boyfriend would not be going to jail, the only thing left to do was kill his daughter and himself,” police said.

    “The complainant is stuck between her religion, strict parents and wanting to be a typical Australian teenager.”

    Officers claimed that on October 27 the daughter ran away from home. Her father said he would kill himself if she did not return by sundown.

    When she did not return, the father attempted to hang himself but was stopped by his wife and son.

    “The daughter said she fears that her father will kill her because of her actions and that if he doesn’t, she will be locked in the house unable to leave, unless he kills himself,” police said.

    Police took out an apprehended domestic violence order against the father on behalf of the girl. He was charged with stalking, intimidation with intent to cause fear of physical or mental harm.

    The father, who is a qualified surgeon in Afghanistan but employed as a taxi driver in Sydney, was refused bail because of his threats against the girl and self-harm history.

    The matter will be mentioned in Blacktown Local Court on January 12.

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6 Replies to “Muslim teenage girl takes out AVO over clash of cultures”

  1. Hopefully the teenage girl doesn’t start feeling sorry for her father and return to the home. She will end up dead. No doubt about that. This is just another example of why bringing Muslims to America or other western countries is a mistake. Muslims put their Ideology before family and friends.

    We have seen too many honor killing here in America and the media continues to hide it from the public. By doing so, they continue to put other innocent young girls like Rifqa Barry and others lives at risk.

  2. This young girl took out an AVO against her father, something that would never be available to her in Afghanistan as a measure of self defense against the brutality levelled against her. Obviously she has a different ideology than that of her father. Punish him under the laws of Australia in which he lives. No exceptions. I too hope she finds a safe place to stay until she is an adult.

  3. I am with you Grace, punish him to the fullest extent that is possible, and as far as I am concerned they can push the envelope some on what is the fullest extent.

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