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2 Replies to “CNN Does best MSM report on attack on Copts in Alexandria yet.”

  1. I hate it when they refer to this stuff as a “conflict” or “rising tensions” between Christians and Muslims. If I get eaten by a shark, is that a conflict between me and the shark, or is it simply a shark attack? Am I contributing to the shark’s tension, or is he just chomping me? When you call it a conflict it makes it sound like I’m partially responsible, as if I was going around picking fights with sharks. One of the Muslim fighting methods is to pretend to be being attacked while, in reality, attacking. Calling this a conflict plays into that Muslim battle tactic. This is Muslim persecution of Christians, not some tit-for-tat little squabble.

  2. Chris you are right, that tactic has been around for a long time and wanna be world conquers always use it.

    Eeyore CNN is starting to report the facts about what is happening because their viewers are leaving them for FOX, if they want to stay in business and keep drawing their large salaries they have to start pulling in viewers.

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