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6 Replies to “Interesting video collage on Australia’s Sheikh Al Hilali”

  1. What a moron. He needs to apologise to one billion white christians and one billion indian hindus for declaring war on them in Australia. If they came and dropped on his head in one handy little package like a super heavy stone that would be good justice. A rape sheik always needs a heavy stone landing on his stupid idiotic head in order to knock some sense into him.

  2. He won’t apologize, and the only way to knock sense into his head is to smash it flat, but he is so brainless that might not hurt him.

  3. Well he does have a small brain. Muslims suffer from microencepalisation due to inbreeding. That means the brain is smaller than it should be compared to the body size the brain must deal with. So he is mildy retarded if he is inbred. Of course he may be one of the lucky ones with a slightly large intelligence quotient and with a slightly larger chip on his shoulder as evidence.

  4. Interesting that Muslim countries most searched websites are animal and child sex, (according to google). Why do we allow this scurge into the country when they offer nothing and contribute nothing to society

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