The spread of Muslim tactics and establishing primacy

We know that in France in over 40 cities, Muslims take over whole streets and sometimes multiple streets for ‘prayer’ and usually for several hours, reportedly not allowing people access to their own homes and businesses. In the comments to the videos I have posted at youtube on this, I frequently get a lot of people, rightfully outraged, but also puffing their chests and insisting this could never happen in their home country/city. Here is a few clips from Moscow and Washington DC. But this takes place wherever Muslims wish to establish their primacy in a location. They of course have a language they use for the press using the typical set of logical fallacies which I attempt to address in this short video, but the real reason is military.

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  1. I only know of two maybe three times in history that a nations capital was captured by the enemy and they didn’t surrender, both or all three were the US during the Revolution when Philadelphia, was captured one or two times, I can’t remember which and during the war of 1812 when DC was captured by the Brits. This is why the Moslems are working so hard at taking over the streets in the Capital cities.

    Eeyore the US and Canada have always suffered from the “It can’t happen here” virus, and that attitude is one reason our enemies manage to make so much headway before we really start fighting. It took the combined efforts of literally tens of thousands of leftists (most not realizing what they were doing) around 50 years to put us to sleep after WWII and make it possible for it to happen here. Hopefully we will wake up before too much longer.

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