Muslim kid in Spain is traumatized because his teacher said “ham”

Ok Interpol (as far as I know) isn’t really on the case.

Below, an article translated by Marian at

A teacher at the Institute Menéndez Tolosa in the city of La Línea de la Concepcion has been denounced by a Muslim family in the same city. The family believes that its son, a student in first year of secondary school, was offended during a geography class, it was reported to this newspaper.

The teacher was giving a normal lesson about the different climates on our planet, and he used the locality of Trevélez [Granada] as example of a cold and dry climate. For an anecdote, the teacher explained that precisely this climate was best for the curing of hams. Then the student demanded of the teacher, “Don’t speak about hams,” because this subject was offensive for him as he is a Muslim.

This paper’s sources at the center explained that the teacher answered him that it was “simply an example and that in his classes he doesn’t bear in mind the religion that his students practise.”’

This might have remained simply an exchange of opinions, but the family of the minor, who never went to speak to the teacher, did not hesitate to file a complaint against the teacher with the National Police.

Though nobody contacted the teacher, apparently a relative of the minor went to the educational center to speak with the Director of Studies and to protest the example that the teacher had used in geography class.

The agents of the Court went yesterday to the secondary school and took an affidavit from the teacher with the facts about what happened during his class. In addition, the civil servants have requested the disciplinary and academic documentation of the minor in this educational center and in the previous one in which he was enrolled.

The teacher is accused of being an author of a supposed crime of mistreatment, and of having racist motivations and xenophobia.

The Provincial Delegation of the Council of Education also confirmed yesterday to this newspaper that it knew for certain that these facts had been produced, and that a teacher had been denounced to the National Police, but declined to elaborate any further.

Teachers and students are infuriated by this situation, because the teacher has taught with devotion for two decades now, and has never had a problem of this type. These accusations have affected him greatly.

In spite of going through a difficult moment, the teacher continues working at the center and he observes his obligation to his students

The State police have opened an investigation of these facts as denounced by the family of the minor, and it will be necessary to wait for the judicial authority to issue an opinion on whether the case “lacks merit” [a sort of tribunal with a judge].

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13 Replies to “Muslim kid in Spain is traumatized because his teacher said “ham””

  1. That was indeed a Christmas tree, complete with a Santa top. And I’d bet there’s a hunk of serrano in the fridge. Looks to me as one more law-fare case using religion as a guaranteed means for a cash payout. Seems to me she could use it- to buy a bigger Christmas tree.

  2. The poor little thing, why don’t he parents tell him to act like a man and shake it off? This is just another attempt to force us to adapt to their religion, the teacher is right with 29 kids who didn’t object the one has to change schools or adapt to our ways.

  3. Surely this can’t be ideologically motivated though, more a case of attention seeking that has now gotten out of hand. Unfortunately a teacher may lose their job out of it though.

  4. obviously every single muslim in Spain is being taught from a young age that muslims own Spain and that ham is a desecrating tool used by Christians to make muslims immerse in haram surroundings…

  5. These “people” need to learn that no one has a “right” to not be offended. What country does he think he’s in? All over they are trying to get huge cash payouts and the dhimmis keep letting them get away with it.

    The kid needs to grow a pair. And so do the dhimmis.

    When is someone going to just say, “too bad.”

    Here’s a burqa woman who tried to ruin a cop’s career by claiming he was racist. She lost. Ha Ha.

  6. These people have learned that they do have a right to be offended because we have legislated it as such. Without such legislation, such a case would be impossible.

  7. gav what are you thinking? Of course it was ideologically motivated, his parents heard about this and decided to make trouble, they told him what to say so they could advance the spread of their religion in al Andalusia.

  8. Richard, why then do they have a Christmas tree in their lounge room if they are particularly pious? Just curious is all…I mean come on, they don’t seem like the sharpest tools in the shed now do they?

  9. What a fucking JOKE !!!!!!! These so called ‘LAWS’ to protect these pissrags from harassment are being abused to the extreme. What that teacher said was 100% on the mark tried and true !!! YOU adapt, not the rest of us.

    If anyone can find out ANYTHING about this teacher, please let us know !! Because I for one would be happy to send a letter of support, or even a petition in his favor. What-ever. We all need to start lending our support in the form of letters, etc. to people like this. It’s a good place to start for those of us who don’t know what else to do anyway.

  10. Is someone able to supply the contact information for:
    1) the Institute Menéndez Tolosa in the city of La Línea de la Concepcion
    2) the Director of Studies at the same Institute
    3) The Provincial Delegation of the Council of Education
    4) the National Police (or State Police) in that town/region??

    I would like to write strong letters of condemnation to these authorities for allowing muslims, under the guise of PCness, to break down and attack the rich and incredible traditions of Spain. If anyone else wants to join me in writing, that’s good… the more, the stronger.
    Of course, the ultimate goal of all these little stealth jihad attacks in countries like Spain is to re-conquer what their barbaric tribes lost when Spain kicked the rabid Death Cult believers out in in the 13th century, as a coalition army of the Christian kingdoms of Spain defeated the Islamic Almohads at the decisive Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa. The muzzies have been thirsty for revenge since then, and will take every opportunity under the present PC regime to stir up trouble and hatred.
    This whining, whinging, spoilt brat of a boy and his whining mother should be informed that if they don’t like what the majority accept as part of their education (29 out of 30 students were not upset!), then they should just pack their bags and go to a God-forsaken islamist hellhole like Saudi Arabia.

  11. I have some school teacher friends and they say they are constantly being accused of the stupidest things by kids and their parents, and the principals always take each accusation extremely seriously in order to cover their own behinds. Just put your hand on one of the little monsters’ shoulder and you’re up before a disciplinary committee in a heartbeat. They can make up anything they want and be taken quite seriously. Imagine if you had that kind of power over the teachers when you were a kid? This hyper-sensitive political correctness seems to have spread over the entire globe.

  12. gav, I didn’t say they were pious, I said they were trying to advance jihad. There is a big difference, not all jihadists are pious, in fact I suspect a lot of them go on jihad because they are trying to wipe out sins.

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